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  1. Mer5eywhite

    Ever or Never Again?

    Every now and again I watch the old matches on YouTube. Highlights of the play-off semis, Nogan and Arsenal in the cup, the big derbies etc etc. Feeling pissed off with North End today so I watched some again this evening. It always leaves me wondering if we’ll ever get those times back. The...
  2. Mer5eywhite

    How much would a David Healy cost from Man Utd now?

    I ask the question because I want to know how far behind the game we are financially, compared to where we were 20+ years ago. It will help me decide just how good/bad a job Neil is doing.
  3. Mer5eywhite

    The BBC needs to change or die

    Forget the Palestinian/Israeli struggle for a second (I actually have a degree of sympathy for the Palestinians). What the fuck were the BBC thinking?
  4. Mer5eywhite

    John Sessions Loved Stella Street.
  5. Mer5eywhite

    Chorley v Wigan FA Cup
  6. Mer5eywhite

    Fashanu Goal

    Saw an article on the BBC and wanted to post this wonderful goal by Justin Fashanu. I remember Keegan scoring a great goal for England midweek and my Dad saying he would wait a long time to see a better one. He changed his mind.
  7. Mer5eywhite

    New BBC Director General, Tim Davie... Effect?

    This chap took the role in a period of concern for Auntie Beeb as people increasingly decline to pay the licence feel and some campaign to defund the BBC. Since his appointment earlier this month and his statement about representing the views of every region and impartiality, I might be...
  8. Mer5eywhite

    Bottom 6 at best.

    Barky didn’t deserve to be sent off but 3 wins in 17 now and I think we’re best off hoping we avoid the bottom 3. We are not a threat.
  9. Mer5eywhite

    Strategy Change at North End

    We all heard the strategy back in 2015. Push to the premiership, that’s paraphrasing what TH said after the match. Heard from somebody reliable what all of us probably already knew. That this is no longer the strategy. In his words, the owner has decided that PNE are in Survival mode. No doubt...
  10. Mer5eywhite

    Catch 22

    What the hell do we do about this? The more we help them, the more will come. If we don’t help them, what does that make us?
  11. Mer5eywhite

    Interview with £2 million record signing, Tom Bayliss

    Q. Tom, how much did you cost? A. £2 million That sorts it.
  12. Mer5eywhite

    The Hypocrisy of the Premier League

    When Premier League football returned last month, it did so drunk on the spirit of the Black Lives Matter protests. For the first 12 games, the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ replaced the players’ names on the back of their shirts, before shrinking to a logo thereafter. And just ahead of each...
  13. Mer5eywhite

    St Greg’s Club - Can you Help?

    I’m posting this here in the hope some of you will feel able to support the crowd-funding page which has been set up to help the club survive and prevent a temporary closure becoming permanent. The club does not qualify for government aid as like all buildings with religious affiliation, it pays...
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    More Becks

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    Beckham goal

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    Plastic Pitch

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    Trevor Phillips