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    January 2021 - Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    You could play Earl on the left wing would do well there
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    An confirms Ben Pearson to Leave .

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    January 2021 - Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Asking way to much.
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    January 2021 - Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Spot on mate I too have been there during the mid sixties and I will tell you what if TH doesn't act and support the club and as an owner should he might as well sell up and go the sooner the better the penny pinching bugger but nothing ever changes at PNE.
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    January 2021 - Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Why only a loan if he does well we will sign him up no backlash
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    Match Day - PNE v Coventry - 29/12/20 - 19:45 - Championship

    Bayliss needs games he will be a good player but he nerds more game time not 10 minutes near the end of the game .he will be an excellent replacement fo Gally .
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    Match Day - PNE v Coventry - 29/12/20 - 19:45 - Championship

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    Taking the knee

    BLM I think its time to stop this ridiculous on one knee pantomime we don't need that crap before every game .I think its been taken over by left wing activist the destruction these groups have caused and most of them are white behind all this . I believe it should be stopped as it causes more...
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    Christmas is cancelled but for the PNE players, "Lets Party!"

    Why is it you get people who whinge about nothing aren't they allowed to get together its good team spirit so good on em they deserve . Well done lads ignore the miserable sods they are probably jealous anyway .
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    Josh Ginnely Celtic V Hearts

    Josh got player of th match in Scottish cup final !! We never gave him a chance to show his abilities crazy
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    Match Day - PNE v Bristol City - 18/12/20 - KO:20:00 - Championship

    Browns not doing very well take him off
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    Supporter Apathy at 100%

    Spot on mate very true this owner needs to sell at a reasonable price and get out ,he will never sell for the ridiculous amount of money he is asking for .
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    Stockley Riis

    Yes I agree with you Paddy he will be really good player he works hard and he is as fast as a greyhound .I do think when AN left him out and on the bench he was that desperate to score he missed two good chances he was over ensues and as you say he is only a young lad . I am very impressed with...
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    Josh Harrop has never had a decent run in the team and when he has played a really good game AN drops him ,so there for he has lost all belief in his natural abilities An has never given him a proper run to let him settle after playing some good games gets dropped every time .How would you feel...
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    Team v Cherries

    What no Sinclair ? he's our most talented forward player and should be played off Ries or Stockley best finisher at the club and should be more central not out wide .
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    Match Day - Watford v PNE - 28/11/20 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Yes he is also just as much at fault