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    Michael Apted Dies

    I've followed 7 up every 7 years for pretty much all my life. Grown up with the participants-although I'm a bit younger. Sad news. Michael Apted, director and Seven Up documentarian, dies at 79 | Michael Apted | The Guardian
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    Edgy's Corona virus medal winners.

    In the interest of balance and a touch of positivity - helping up forge a way forward after this. Please post your virus medal winners from the huge corporations doing the right thing to the king neighbour. I think Gary Neville has shown himself to been a decent sort, and Tesco were quick to...
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    Edgy's Skip- For CV villains.

    A receptacle in which to deposit the unhelpful, the selfish and the greedy protagonists of the current Corona virus crisis. My first nomination Peter Hitchens.
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    Can someone please start another transfer rumour.

    I can't wait for Saturday to see Scott Sinclair make his debut. To be honest I'm a bit bored with the chatter. Will somebody now start a rumour about another incoming? ;)The only rule is that it has to turn out to be true.
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    What's happened to the FA cup?

    Attendances half of league games, reserve teams fielded, fans disinterest? It never used to be like this. Cup attendances were always higher than league games even if you drew a club in the same league. The atmosphere crackled with expectation of a winner takes all encounter. There was also the...
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    Pubs showing the Charlton game

    Anybody know of venues where the game on Sunday will be shown. As there is no video stream on ifollow. Preferably Chorley, Whittle, Clayton areas