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    Jekyll and Hyde

    It’s down to space in behind. Away from home the opposition push forward leaving gaps to run in to, and we are brilliant, Potts n Sinclair revel in it. Away teams at Deepdale deny it and we are clueless and have been all of 2020. We need more players upfield at home to score goals
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    Match Day - PNE v Millwall - 28/10/20 - KO:19:00 - Championship

    These home performances have been going on since Xmas in truth when Reading and Boro defended deep in numbers, allowing no space behind. What really upsets me is that qualified experienced coaches seem totally incapable in recognising this nor finding a solution. They just keep sending the...
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    Try changing the picture quality from auto down to another option. Stopped mine from freezing
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    And an analysis of how to break down a team that plonks 11 behind the ball. And then pass it to Alex
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    Match Day - PNE v Cardiff City - 18/10/20 - KO:12:00 - Championship

    All teams we face at Deepdale now pack the defence. It’s a common tactic that football teams have been doing away from home for a hundred odd years. My question is do PNE practice trying to break down such defences?
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    I watched him play for Villa couple of months ago. I didn’t know his goal stats. He was up top on his own in the premier league and looked exactly the type of striker we’d want. Strong, mobile, holds the ball and always looking to run in behind.
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    Riddler interview.

    If the deal is that there will be a credit against next season’s season card for any behind closed games, myself, my son, Dad and uncle will all renew this week. Until it’s official no chance
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    Match Day - Sheff Wed v PNE - 08/07/20 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    You wouldn’t have from me if I’d seen it!
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    Match Day - Sheff Wed v PNE - 08/07/20 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    So the two matches we’ve played 2 upfront in 2020 we’ve scored 3 in both matches. Not gonna work every game but it will give us a better chance of scoring
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    Team for Wednesday

    The subject of two strikers interests me. In my view, leaving two players upfield and defending with 9 can be done. Gives the midfield options forward when we have the ball. I was also thinking about all my favourite strikers over the years and how many could play upfront now on their own...
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    Neil Out?

    Definitely but many other clubs were in discussions with their players about putting back wages and so on. Could be quite unsettling (as it has been to many affected at this time). Our players no such concerns, informed straight away not to worry, focus on the job.
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    Neil Out?

    Trev did pay the manager and players in full no questions asked during the lockdown. I can understand him being a bit miffed at the moment
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    Have you Given up?

    The team have dragged me down. I want to feel encouraged by some effort on the field
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    Ridiculous fans

    Totally agree that we don’t expect a lot at all. Effort to win football matches by scoring goals is my expectation
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    Ridiculous fans

    I’d like the manager and players to roll up their sleeves to try and get promotion. For some reason it has stopped
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    Team v Derby

    Bodin put in the best centre forward performance of our season at Forest away. It’s a mystery why it’s not been tried since when he has been fit
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    Team v Derby

    This but in a diamond, Sinclair up top. We played okay at Barnsley doing this
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    Summer Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    Part of this is due to having only one player in advanced positions when the midfield get the ball. Hugely frustrating for fans and the midfielders. In a team of eleven, surely there is room for leaving 2 players upfield