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    Josh Ginnely Celtic V Hearts

    Josh got player of th match in Scottish cup final !! We never gave him a chance to show his abilities crazy
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    WE NEED A UNDER 23s team

    Its the only way we will be able to compete and get into the premier league most championship clubs have under 23s .How are our young players going to improve and get match play to be ready to step up to to first team duties, look at Ledson now he as been given a chance after a long wait and...
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    It is a crying shame

    We have a great bunch of hard working players and talented too .I do feel sorry for them and I don't understand what the owner is trying to do when you think one really good striker and a midfielder to lead by example who has leadership qualities . What is Hemmings thinking it wouldn't have...
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    If Rudd gets injured

    If Rudd gets injured we will be stuffed I think we should work on Corcoran and bring him in ahead of Ripley, Crow and not sure about Hudson maybe he is ok I am not sure as he has not been given much game time what do you think .
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    Reserve team

    Why don't we have a reserve team that like we used to with the old central league we have quite a big squad and they all need game time there is a lot of players and the older youth players not getting enough game time so they are sitting in the stands .We need to improve these players with more...