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    i Newspaper article

    I haven't seen it posted anywhere but this weekends i has an article about PNE/Neil/Gallagher. This was written before yesterday's match. We are certainly no longer under the radar.
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    Peter Ridsdale

    I think I am correct in saying that PR has now been associated with our club for longer than any other club. Far from ruining us we have thrived (at least since he sacked Graham Westley) I am from Leeds and supported them from being a boy. I've lived over here since 1983 and I've had a season...
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    Jeffrey Monakana

    Just noticed this ex PNE player is in the Sutton squad that plays Arsenal tonight. Another one that flattered to deceive when he came to us. Interestingly he started his days at Arsenal so he should be up for tonight's match.
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    Scumbag fan

    I sit in cell block H on the STFS. A PNE fan sat in front of me, approx Row 19, Seat 226, let our proud club down last night. All the game he was more intent on standing up and hurling abuse at the Manure UTD fans on the Shankly than he was in watching the match. I never understand why people...
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    I was very disappointed with the stewards on Saturday. I had the misfortune to sit next to 2 Tranmere supporters, the man was about 60 and I guess the woman was his daughter. I had my suspicions when they didn't celebrate our first goal but became certain when he thumped the air after their...
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    Irvine V Simpson

    We are having a bad run and people are beginning to talk of alternatives to AI. I thought I would chalk up a few of the differences between now and when we were in the doldrums under Simpson. Simpson Irvine In the relegation zone Mid table...
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    Half Term

    Why do they insist on putting mid week matches in half term. How many people will be away with their kids for the Watford game (28th Oct). Thats one I will be missing. Last season I managed to get to all the home league games making my season ticket good value but this year I will be missing 3...