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  1. MBcha

    Hearts open talks with Ginnelly over permanent move
  2. MBcha

    Entrance music at the darts

    A debate thats come up in my house more than once... If you were playing at Ally Pally, what would your entrance music be? Less aggressive than boxing entrance music and something to get the crowd going. I've always been adamant that mine would be Agadoo 🤣 Whats yours?
  3. MBcha

    John Sheridan leaving Wigan take over at Swindon.
  4. MBcha

    The promised land

    Suspend your disbelief and journey with me into an alternate reality. A reality where Preston North End are going to get promoted this season and will spend next season in the Premier League! Something I've often pondered at times when I should be working is this; If we went up, what do we...
  5. MBcha

    Need to get something off my chest

    Times are hard. I just sort of need to get this written down somewhere, I don't so social media so here I am... I dont want likes or advice or help as I don't think there is much anybody can do. My younger brother has learning difficulties, he has a condition called Angelman Syndrome and I...
  6. MBcha

    Petition for fans to be allowed back into stadiums
  7. MBcha

    Preston Local Lockdown

    Will the news of a local lockdown mean that the squad cannot train together or will the EFL testing programme make the players and staff exempt?