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  1. Pne_Gaz


    How does this guy have a football career never mind getting himself a new contract here. Genuinely, what does he bring to the team? I can't even say that he occupies space because I can't even see him at any point, can't remember a player so anonymous. He should be the kind of player grabbing...
  2. Pne_Gaz


    Anyone know how to?
  3. Pne_Gaz


    TC just walked by into the team entrance, walking fine but with a shin brace on, hopefully only precautionary
  4. Pne_Gaz

    Football Documentary - Fan Footage

    As some of you will know, some of you have been involved in the research and filming for my girlfriend’s final year project based on us Preston fans. She has asked one last favour. As part of the editing process she needs fan footage of matches, this could be of goals, of losses, and general fan...
  5. Pne_Gaz

    Football Fan Documentary

    Hey everyone, some of you may remember me posting about my partners football fan documentary centered around our very own Preston North End, if any of you could possibly fill in the following survey, it'd be great help, thanks!
  6. Pne_Gaz

    Football Fan Documentary

    Hey guys, posting this message on behalf of my girlfriend for her Uni course. If you or anyone you know would be interested in this opportunity please do get in contact per the information below. "Hello Preston fans, I am making a short documentary celebrating the fans of PNE and looking into...
  7. Pne_Gaz

    Deepdale Duck

    Was having a conversation with the lass about why our mascot is a duck rather than a lamb, any answer as I was stumped?
  8. Pne_Gaz

    PNE Player On Tablet

    Is there any way to be able to get PNE Player on a tablet?
  9. Pne_Gaz

    Season Tickets Sold?

    Anyone know how many season tickets we've sold so far?
  10. Pne_Gaz

    Season Tickets

    Anyone know how many season tickets we've sold so far?
  11. Pne_Gaz

    Preston Carlisle Rivalry

    Hey, could anyone tell me how us and Carlisle United are rivals? :confused:
  12. Pne_Gaz

    5 Goalkeepers?!

    Can anyone explain why we have 5 keepers at our club?! We have Stuckmann, Turner, Arestidou, Comrie and now Watson? Why? :confused:
  13. Pne_Gaz

    Luke Clark

    Can anyone tell me about him? How he did today? (those who were at the match) Etc, etc. Never heard of him before today. Thanks :)