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  1. pnewortham

    Oxbow Lakes

    Very shortly, @paddysr will be uploading a hand-drawn diagram of an Oxbow lake. From the homework I set him this morning. But who else remembers them from school? And why is it about the only thing I can remember from Geography lessons...
  2. pnewortham

    Rum & Coke

    Morgan's Spiced & coke, clearly a king of drinks. Currently got a bottle of Dead Man's Fingers, very good. Went fancy tonight with ice, ginger ale and chunks of fresh pineapple. So, rum. How do you drink yours?
  3. pnewortham

    Chippy Tea: How Do You Eat Yours?

    Gravy? Weirdo. Curry or nowt.
  4. pnewortham

    Unread Threads (bold blue)

    Slightly geeky question about how this software decides on read/unread threads. On the main page some threads are in bold blue, which means there's new/unread messages in there. Once the thread has been read, it goes back to pale blue. Simple enough. But some threads have always been pale...
  5. pnewortham

    Next 2 Friendlies (Sheff U & Everton)

    Back to back games this Friday & Saturday. Both away. This will stretch the squad? What's the plan - completely separate teams or risk players 2 days in a row? 1 week before the first league game.
  6. pnewortham

    The Striker Dilemma

    We seem to have a rather alarming record of 'blunting' the strikers who come here. The main reason is obvious enough (big step-up from the lower leagues, etc.) It's so frustrating that we've been successful in identifying or developing little gems in other positions, but just not at the top...