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    A rising superpower. Worth a thread of its own - one that could cover a multitude of topics. Let’s start with Huawei. Much in the news in 2019 (Remember Gavin Williamson getting sacked as Defence Secretary. Wonder what ever happened to him?:unsure: Anyway, Huawei back in the news today. That...
  2. Regardless

    Tennis Thread 2021

    Might as well renew this for the new year. And let’s start with a remarkable story of Francesca Jones. Until now, for me, she’s just a lower ranked name that I had noticed getting some decent results, without pulling up trees. But I just read that she was born with some deformations in her...
  3. Regardless

    Trump Replaced!!!!

    After that shocking afternoon of cup football, just thought I’d look around at the general news and stuff. Apparently Judd Trump has tested positive just ahead of this week’s Masters Snooker event. His place in the draw will be taken by Joe Perry. Good luck to Joe and Get Well Soon to Judd (y)
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    Have I dropped a ********?

    Hi everyone... I got a Facebook Messenger message from a relative - and stupidly clicked on a link that asked if it was me on a video. It wasn't a video... the link was to an extension .app I Googled and can't find advice. I already changed my Facebook password... but is an .app...
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    Quote func

    I took the liberty of quoting sliper here. When on iPhone, Quote function seems really difficult to use - bit of a PITA and can lead to a particular problem when editing a quoted post within a quoted post). No problem on laptop. I think this is a relatively recent thing - maybe 2-4 weeks...
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    Bought by a couple of Blackburn lads! Glad to see it returning to UK ownership.
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    Come on Klaksvik

    As much as I normally would support an Irish team in Europe, I would love to see this little Faroe Islands team beat Dundalk tomorrow to progress to the group stages of the Europa League. Apparently it’s a fishing village (pop 5000) with most of the players being local lads. Amazing if a team...
  8. Regardless

    Government to break international law.

    Lots of people gave the Conservative government the benefit of the doubt when they claimed (with a straight face) that proroguing parliament was lawful. Lots did likewise when they claimed that the withdrawal agreement would not bring a border between Northern Ireland and the republic...
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    iFollow - Garbage

    Will you moaning buggers please use this thread tomorrow- rather than spoiling the matchday thread. Thanks in advance 🙃
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    Really good to see a sporting event with a crowd on! Two really great semi-finals but really thought that the final would be clearly won easily by whoever came through the O'Sullivan/Selby semi. But O'Sullivan has been poor in this final... even when taking a huge lead. But Wilson is making a...
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    Name changes

    I see that a couple of relatively high profile posters have changed their usernames recently. Maybe there are more that I haven’t spotted. I had understood that in the past this wasn’t possible - at least not without admin help, but I am presuming that these posters have done it themselves and...
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    Athletics Thread

    Worth its own thread - but really I wanted an excuse to post this story :D Start with the massive news :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: that world champion sprinter Noah Lyles absolutely smashed Usain Bolt's world record time (19.19s) in a 200m race... crossing the line in 18.90s They had used high...
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    Home advantage.

    This current lockdown must be giving some academics a great dataset to try to quantify the value of home advantage. No encouragement from the home fans - or influencing referees oe even intimidating the away team. Has anyone seen any stats on this topic yet? Are more points being picked up...
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    F1 2020

    Actually looked like this Austrian GP was going to be pretty interesting - with Hamilton relegated to 5th on the grid, Verstappen 2nd and one or two interesting things for the first race grid. But with Max's Red Bull letting him down after 12 laps, and a couple of other mechanical issues in...
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    Breaking organised crime

    Got to say, this sounds like it might be a huge story and could be fantastic news for our country. I think it could be a lot bigger than this preliminary news report suggests.
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    "Terrorist" stabbing in Reading - 3 dead?

    Horrendous incident in a central Reading park... a Lybyan (reportedly) just darted off the path in a park and just went round stabbing people who were sitting around socialising in the park. Currently BBC saying there are reports of 3 deaths but not confirmed. Eye-witness report certainly...
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    Football's back!

    Looking forward to the restart of the season - two prem games tonight. Don't forget to manage your fantasy football team! I do the FA Premier Fantasy League and there you have until 5pm to make changes. Also... I just found out that you have unlimited transfers this week... so don't leave...
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    What the hell can we, as humanity, do about the monsters who killed mothers, babies and nurses in the Afghan maternity ward attack yesterday? Probably Daesh/Islamic State. Could be Taliban. The human stories arising make you want to cry. This on the back of thirty-odd people killed at a...
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    Hartlepool v Preston 1996 Full match video

    Not noticed this elsewhere - apologies if I just missed it... but found this on the PNE website. Could be worth watching - especially if you were one of the pitch invaders. I wasn't there.. but still a memorable day...
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    How do care homes work?

    Rather than sidetrack the coronavirus thread... I thought I'd ask this here. Genuine questions... let's at least start by keeping political agenda issues under control! This is a genuine question to try to learn from people who might know. For example... What is a typical staff to...