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    If that’s the best we can offer for the FA cup?

    Then support Chorley..........Turgid shite in the league and absolutely no intent regards the FA cup, so only a relegation fight to look forward to?
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    Ricky Thomson goal v West Ham

    Remember Ricky Thomson (I think) scoring a screamer against West Ham, great goal but we were well and truly hammered (pardon the pun). Think it was either late 70’s early 80’s. Anybody got any kind of link to the TV coverage?
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    A song title please?

    For a North End fan to capture the preparation for the start of this season and the strategic direction in which we might be going? My choice is easy Talking Heads song title “Road to Nowhere”.
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    Is deepdale now Preston’s biggest folly?

    Deepdale fantastic stadium, very proud of it, great. But does the stadium capacity exceed the ambition of the club? The only time we would have a chance of filling deepdale regularly would be in the premiership and clearly that’s not a realistic ambition. So what’s the point of having 10k seats...
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    Ifollow issues anyone?

    Trying to get access for this afternoons game, never used it before, tried registering says my email address is already in use, strange as I have never been on I follow before, then enter my email address to renew password, receive the link and it does not update the password to enable me to...
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    Pearson’s Injury

    Is he fully recovered?
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    How do you?

    I can see the image icon above, but how do you insert a photo from an IPad. Thanks in advance.
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    Hemmings and Neil aren't the problem!

    It’s the money in football that is the problem, all started with Jack Walker buying the Premiership for a small town club, culminating in the perverse amounts of money Man Citeh has access to. Football is no longer competitive, I welcome the first big club going into administration to wake the...
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    Simple Message

    Good luck to the lads tonight, so proud, make your own history!
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    Happy New Year?

    End of season predictions: Play offs? Mid table mediocrity? Relegation fight?
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    Unfortunately typical North End

    Magnificent away against Leeds, then a less than average performance against Reading! Mentally are North End tough enough?
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    Josh Brownhill

    Supposed interest in him from Premier league clubs at £15m, I hope we have a sell on clause?
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    Ben Davies

    How far is he off recovery?
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    Rise above the radar

    And we are shot down in flames, just not good enough!
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    “No Charlies in the team”

    Quote of the day yesterday about PNE from Tony Pulis on quest tv “No Charlie’s in the team no big time players” . Absolutely right, so proud of this “Team” . COYW make history!
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    Millwall boss Neil Harris

    From the BBC website: "The team were in complete control. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't remember my goalkeeper making a save”. This will bring the crowds and optimism back to deepdale.
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    Well done to the PNE squad!

    Thank you for believing in the manager, working your socks and wearing the shirt with pride, in recent months you almost achieved something very special, build upon it for next season. To the young and new players do not be deflated if the manager goes, it’s not the end of the world, in fact it...
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    Situation normal for the PNE faithful?

    Lowest placed North Western club in the championship and even Blackpool are on the verge of League 1 play offs. On current form dread to think where we will be next season, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Wigan all above us and have had experience of the top flight. So the purpose of...
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    Trev what’s your plans for the future?

    Thanks for bailing us out and looking after us. I love this club have been a fanatical fan for over 50 years, Proud momenents have included being on deepdale with my dad and my lad in what are considered to be successful times. Forgetting all that happened in our lowest moments in the 80’s. The...
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    Every Credit

    To the North End faithful who travelled all that way to Norwich, to witness that grim, laboured uncreative watch.