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  1. the12thman

    Undr The Cosh

    Currently working my way through Browny’s and Parky’s podcasts. Great listening. Thanks to the FTF guys for introducing podcasts to me. Just got on to the Nicky Weaver one (who would have thought that he’d be a decent fella) - he mentioned Browny scoring “two worldies” at the Valley. Now,I was...
  2. the12thman

    Ex-PNE gear you now own

    Just going through my “box of shit” (as the missus refers to it - she’s a dick at times) and came across a few PNE items that I’d acquired from players over the years: - Jonny Macken’s training kit from about 2001 (made by Bloggs, all number 17) - Ricardo Gardner’s tracksuit from his loan period...
  3. the12thman

    Anyone’s van get damaged yesterday?

    Yesterday on the way to the match I witnessed a yellow car colliding with a parked van/estate car, knocking the wing mirror off. The small van was parked on the corner opposite Deepdale Primary School. The yellow car drove off down Moor Park Avenue, but I got a photo of the car with the number...
  4. the12thman

    2019 Vernon Carus Beer and Gin Festival

    Hi all, just a quick message to let you know that this year's Vernon Carus Beer and Gin Festival will be on the weekend of Friday 24th to Sunday 26th May. I can't see the weather being as good as last year but you never know. Hopefully, those of you that came last year enjoyed it and will be...
  5. the12thman

    Vernon Carus Sports Club Beer Festival

    Hi all - just a quick post to invite you all to the first ever beer festival at Vernon Carus Sports Club, Factory Lane, Penwortham on the May Bank Holiday weekend (4th - 6th May). As well as there being over 30 locally sourced beers and ciders, we will be having gin and prosecco bars and there...