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  1. beagleman

    Decent roofer penwortham area

    As above required, got leak in roof.. A drip drip drip near chimney breast, had two out to look and done work... Still leaking... Suggestions please as am getting fed up.
  2. beagleman

    Kitchen extractor fan needed

    Quick one... Our kitchen over cooker extractors broke.. The light comes on but the fans broken... So i need one thats rear vented, not top. Any recommendations where to buy one from locally? Cheers....
  3. beagleman

    Transport Models Gone...

    The model shop on Strand Rd has gone forever... Just been and its gutted... So am I. 😞
  4. beagleman

    Preston lockdown pending?

    Has anyone seen this trending today?
  5. beagleman


    Boys n girls... Get to bed early tonight... Its a big day tomorrow... It feels like a false dawn but its the way things have to go for now... Fingers crossed.... Hope this break has recharged their batteries and they are up for it.... UTW
  6. beagleman

    X box one to lg television.

    Right... So have x box one with several apps loaded on, disney, netflix.. Bbc etc. It ran on my old tv no problem, non smart tv about 12 year old connected via hdmi cable. Got new smart lg tv at weekend. It has netflix and amazon already built in and several others. But not sky go app. Thats...
  7. beagleman

    Air rifle

    Hi... Not sure if this is allowed but as all the shops are shut i thought i would give it a go. While i was incapacitated we seem to have a bit of a rat issue at home, a family of the little sods are regular daily invaders in our garden. I was going to try poison but we have dogs n don't want to...
  8. beagleman


    Hey everyone, Mrs B and I are home now, have been in rph for ages. Bloody great staff and nurses and docs and cleaners, feel like I've been hit by a bus but at home now. Thanks for messages but had no phone so just catching up. Apologies if my last messages before i went in were arsey but my...
  9. beagleman

    Continental boarded up....

    As above... The good old Conti is being mothballed for the foreseeable future.. Windows boarded up... Looks really forlorn.. 😔
  10. beagleman

    So...what are we all doing instead then ?

    As above... Lets share what we intend to do during this enforced hiatus... I have graciously offered to do my familys ironing mountain whilst watching the play off final from 5years ago this afternoon... Beat that!! 😁
  11. beagleman

    Another ruined weekend

    As above... This will now ruin the rest of the weekend... Will be reading this forum, Lep, tomorrows paper, be on granada news, north west tonight... Mates from work taking the piss.. I dont think the club realise just how much a poor result effects the average fan, the players n staff can all...
  12. beagleman

    Legal advice please

    Clearly this is just to see if anyone has any knowledge on this. Basically grandsons been on a ski trip with school, picked him up on Friday. They went to Spain. Apparently someone crashed into him on the slopes and sent him flying landing badly on his arm. Complained of pain at time but kinda...
  13. beagleman

    This corona virus thing...

    So... As i understand things its a very contagious virus that has a two week gestation period that is undetectable... It appears that its a new strain that has no cure as yet. So wtf is the happening with flying hundreds out of the epicentre to London then bussing them to the North West...
  14. beagleman

    Tourettes Stand

    Invincibles is to be renamed the Tourettes stand after today, the air was bluer than a smurf, "for fecks sake" "pass it forward you cant" "how'd he miss that the twot" Several other gems are available Never heard as much as today.. Frustration boiling over on the crowd.
  15. beagleman

    Is it just me ?

    That has their weekend ruined by another defeat, Saturday tea times shite, mulling it over in evening, go to bed the realisation kicks in again Sunday morning... Ffs... Pushing sixty odd and resigned to no chance of any decent investment or luck falling our way... Why cant we have a...
  16. beagleman

    New Penwortham by pass

    This new road opens tomorrow morning taking Preston bound traffic off the a59 at Howick and onto the new by pass taking it up to booths roundabout and then along golden way over the bridge into town..... Meanwhile as a cunning plan the a59 is to be closed for three weeks to allow finishing...
  17. beagleman

    FA cup draw on bbc 2

    Our Wembley hero jermaine beckfords playing with the balls....
  18. beagleman

    Hot potato van on flag market

    Understand that its now gone. The bloke who ran it for decades handed over to his son but due to lets say costs beyond their control its gone.. Finished.. Vamoosh. Real shame, part of the town for ages, but hey you can buy a falafel.... Believe ice creams gone too... ?
  19. beagleman

    Invincibles bother...

    So, after Saturdays shenannigans with Sheff fans etc and the statement by North End you would have expected tonight to be without self inflicted drama. Step forward the Invincible pavilion block B. A box was in the occupancy of Leeds supporters who understandably celebrated their first goal...
  20. beagleman

    The double..

    Put a fiver each way on Trevs nags vintage clouds and lakeview lad and for us to win... What could possibly go wrong??