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    January 2021 - Transfer Window Rumours and Discussion

    SSN reporter worded that so badly I thought he was going to say it s not happening!
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    Nobby Stiles Has Passed Away

    Yeah, same - good times!
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    Match Day - PNE v Cardiff City - 18/10/20 - KO:12:00 - Championship

    Teams can be boring but effective. We're halfway there.
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    Season over.

    Season over, game over. Question: Would people rather PNE (ineffectively) challenge in the Championship ever year, or, go bust, drop 2, 3 or 4 divisions but rebuild and are successful?
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    Ryan Ledson

    Will we ever see Bayliss come through?!
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    The trouble with following preston

    Getting near to my prime sir!
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    The trouble with following preston

    I'm 51 and pretty much resigned to never seeing us in The Prem.
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    Really sad news, RIP Stu.
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    PNE fan seriously ill

    Best wishes sir...
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    Potential Summer Targets

    Is Fraizer Campbell still a free agent?
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    Potential Summer Targets

    You say get a grip but then appear to be gripless....
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    Neil to Wednesday

    AN should use this a leverage for his transfer wish list...!
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    Cricket World Cup

    What a game, I was fortunate enough to be there with work, more booze needed!
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    Plastics Away - Ticket Details (Over 7,500 Sold)

    An Ipswich supporter at work reckons Leeds could take 20k on the last day of the season!
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    He wasn`t just a fan, he was Gentry

    Very sorry to hear this mate, best wishes. It's what got my dad too. Cancer is a bastard. Rest in peace.
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    Bolton Game Significance

    A win against Bolton and transfer issues will be put on the back burner, but a loss could see the good work of the last couple of years begin to unravel. Feels like it's going to be one of those decisive matches where there's an underlying extra significance. Saturday really is a big game for...
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    What Did We Learn Tonight?

    Obviously it's only the League Cup but is there anything to take away from tonight's performance? The flipside is, could the result mask our front line issues and be the deciding factor in not recruiting an experienced striker this week? Double-edged sword...
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    Will we be on TV?

    Are we likely to be on TV next week given that our game involves the play offs and relegation? When is the TV schedule due to be announced?
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    Wycombe Away Question (Baby on board)

    It looks like the youngest and I are going to be home alone tomorrow. Given that home is in Buckinghamshire, Wycombe away is only about 30 mins drive away. However, the youngest is only 14 months old. The question is, what is Wycombe like for away supporters these days? I haven't been there...