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    Frankie McAvoy

    I happened to look at that for some reason a few weeks ago. One name missing from your list is Ally McCoist. May not have played much of his football in England but was still a good striker with a great sense of humour. Obviously the sense of humour was not a trait from Belshill or Alex Neil...
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    50 Years...

    10 mins was all it took for the players to have a half time ciggy & a cup of tea.
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    RIP Frankie Worthington

    Sorry if I upset anyone with my post. I had just read the earlier post from The Telegraph obituary and thought I would add to it. I have the greatest respect for Frank as a player & a character. Maybe the suggestion that Alex Neil would not have given him the game time that John McGrath did...
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    Can anyone defend him now?

    Are you Alex Neil?
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    Can anyone defend him now?

    What's wrong with giving a player at the end of his career a chance. Moyes, Dalglish & Neil at Hamilton spring to mind.
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    Best Transfer Season Ever?

    You're correct. I got mixed up. We did beat them on 3 consecutive occasions in the league prior to the play off final.
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    Best Transfer Season Ever?

    That was a couple of years earlier. Wasn't that the game where Fuller did his knee & got up off the stretcher to chase some fan. Beat West Ham home & away as well as the cup that year,I think.
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    Match Day - PNE v AFC Bournemouth - 06/03/21 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    You've done it now. He's going to score.
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    Former PNE Players Thread

    Now we know who ate all the pies.
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    Callum Davidson first final as manager

    When Grezza was taking penalties I kept saying one of these days he's going to miss one. He did against Brum in the play-off semi. Luckily Rankine got him out of jail.
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    Callum Davidson first final as manager

    Didn't he find out towards the end of his career with North End that one leg was longer than the other & a chiropractor recommended built up insoles in his footwear which alleviated a lot of his injury problems. Have others on the forum heard the same?
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    Late December back in 2019.

    It was very ambitious, seen as a route to the play offs & the premier league, but Neil coached the attacking instinct out of Sinclair & the wheels fell off. The big 4 would have played out off their skins if the play offs became achievable.
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    Late December back in 2019.

    Somebody mentioned a few months ago that the arrival of Sinclair had something to do with it. The club pushed tha boat out & paid him a lot more than the so called big 4. Did the big 4 switch off then? I don't think that anyone would argue that Pearson was never the same player again.
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    Late December back in 2019.

    Yeh you're right. Even Ben Pearson managed to score against Barnsley.
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    If not Neil then who??

    I think he has the whole of next season, meaning he becomes cheaper to sack if the owner wants to do that. Maybe with some fans, those who will put up the football on offer, in the stadium next season voicing their opinions a decision on his future will be made before the end of next season. i...
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    Alex Neil to Celtic?

    Don't forget that Howe managed Burnley for a while and left for personal reasons. Him or family homesick?
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    Cunningham returns on loan (Confirmed)

    And Nugent to replace Nugent. Oh hang on.
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    Harrop to Ipswich?

    Regarding maturity he is older, regarding discipline quite a few suspensions may have helped, maybe nothing to do with Neil. His injury problems are now becoming a concern.
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    Players' salaries

    I don't think that those are far off the mark. Thing that puzzles me is why is Ripley a GGK and Rudd only a GK. Does the extra G mean good.