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  1. Double J

    Premier League hall of fame.

    Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer the first inductees into the hall of fame. Made a farce of this already. Shearer with 1 league title awarded this ‘prestigious’ award. If he wasn’t English he wouldn’t have even been considered. Yet you have players who’ve won multiple honours not even...
  2. Double J

    Sky Sports and BT Sports

    Looks like the death of Sky and their monopoly is just on the horizon. DAZN will be bidding for the Premier League rights in this country, and making with it a ‘Netflix for football’ DAZN are backed by some of the big boys from America with extremely deep pockets. Eddie Hearn has signed a...
  3. Double J

    Cheap season tickets

    Now is the time to strike. Hundreds of thousands of fans left not wanting to support their clubs, all within a 60 minute drive. Whatever plan the club had to needs ripping up and putting in the bin. There is seriously a very good opportunity here to ‘steal’ some fans. You never know, some...
  4. Double J

    European Super League

    Being announced tonight. Headed by Madrid and Manchester United. Of the ‘big six’ in England, only Manchester City didn’t sign up. Wont feature any German or French teams either.
  5. Double J


    Does he deserve credit? Shame he wasn’t sanctioning all these deals last January when we was solid top 6. Still got a lot of catching up to do. Im a winger and 2/3 defenders away from thinking we could actually challenge next season.
  6. Double J

    Elite Sport

    No smoke without fire. Doing the rounds on social media now that Boris is set to announce a ‘Elite Sport circuit break’ could be 4 weeks according to some. Don’t know if that does us any favours or not, but not at all suprised
  7. Double J

    Paul Gallagher

    I’m the first to criticise him, but thought he was excellent tonight. Credit were credit is due. Excellent servant to the club, and if this is his last year as a pro, performances like that are a good way to sign off.
  8. Double J

    Alan Browne

    Can we pay his contract up?
  9. Double J

    PSG vs Istanbul

    Suspended. The 4th official describing to the referee one of the coaching staff from Istanbul. When asked he described him as ‘The black guy’ Players have walked off and don’t look like they’ll be coming back out. Demba Ba visibly annoyed.
  10. Double J

    Full Backs

    Which poor sods are getting chucked in away to Watford? I’d guess Barky right, Maguire left, as wing backs. Maybe rush Davies back and stick him at left back. Christ, be a long day on Saturday
  11. Double J


    Keeps saying I’m blocked via a firewall when I enter the forum, have to click on loads images. is this the new normal?
  12. Double J

    Tom Barkhuizen

    What’s happened? Another pathetic performance from someone I thought was a key player for us. Offered absolutely nothing. Weak as piss, can’t dribble, can’t shoot. Shadow of a player we had 2 years ago.
  13. Double J

    Josh Harrop

    What does he have to do to get a game? Neil eluded to his defensive incapabilities earlier in the season, but it’s evident we can’t defend, or create fuck all going forward. So why not play him? He’s probably the most creative player in the team and that showed in the 20 minute cameo Neil was...
  14. Double J

    New Captain?

    Paul Gallagher? Alan Browne? Ben Davies? For me personally I hope it’s Browne or Davies. More incentive to hopefully sign a new deal if one get put on the table for them.
  15. Double J

    Will they stay or will they go?

    Probably the most important summer for some time with players with a year left on there deals etc. I know this season isn’t finished with yet, but we’re also approaching the silly season. Ben Pearson - Go. 10 million to Burnley Ben Davies - Probably go, somewhere like Brighton. Alan Browne -...
  16. Double J

    Football Manager EFL Cup

    Don’t really post much in here anymore, or post threads. I’m currently representing Preston North End in the Football Manager EFL cup. Did well in the first round and managed to beat Crawley 10-1 in the first round. Point of the thread is to raise awareness on the charity which it represents...
  17. Double J

    When we lose one

    Seems to me under Neil’s tenure, when we lose one, we seem to lose quite a few and go on a rancid run before it’s addressed. The performance at Stoke was fairly bad, today was a shocker. Can make absolutely no mistake vs Hull. 3 points a necessity. Hopefully I’m just imagining the form in my...
  18. Double J

    Changes for Saturday

    I’d fully expect Neil to make a few, 3 tough games in a week. We’ve got some decent options in the squad that can all come in and do a job. I’d see Harrop for Browne, with DJ going deeper. Browne puts himself about, rest his legs ready for a big couple of weeks. Should see more of the ball on...
  19. Double J

    A team of Alex Neil signings

    Is exactly what today was. Yet we are to believe these are fringe players? We moan there is no funds, but would you trust Alex with the funds? Today’s lineup is probably more expensive than our ‘first teams’ lineup, of which most are Grayson signings. Questions need to be asked.
  20. Double J

    Neil to Stoke (club statement post 548 - Neil Fully Commited)

    From 8/1 to favourite in the last half an hour. Here we go again.