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    Overseas Talent

    As we continue to stagnate and operate like a tinpot club in the 1980’s, can anybody tell why the reluctance from Trev to tap into the overseas market? Four of the top 6 clubs in the Championship this year are managed or coached by a foreign manager. Equally they all seem to have a good mix of...
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    So after much criticism this week from the usual suspects, it’s seems the players were actually putting plans in place to support the NHS - A great gesture and very much needed 👏🏼👏🏼.
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    Alex Neil ISN’T the Problem

    Whilst frustrations are understandably high after yesterday’s performance, Alex Neil isn’t the problem here. He’s not perfect, and some of his decisions have backfired, but that’s always easy to say in hindsight of a poor result. I honestly believe we conceded our PO hopes the moment we failed...
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    The Champions League Final 2019

    Can’t see past Liverpool tonight if I’m being honest. Although that said, a final is a final and a one off lottery. From a neutral perspective I’d love to see Spurs lift old Big Ears, and finally land some silverware. Poch has done fantastic job, and it would be great for the England lads to...