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    The lad clearly has ability and pace, but goodness me he needs to be sharper. he has wasted scoring opportunities with his ponderous dallying on the ball, very frustrating. He would do well to emulate Evans attitude and work rate.
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    Harrop to Ipswich?

    Given that he gets very little game time at Deepdale, could be a good move for the lad, doesn’t seem to be part of AN’s long term plans.
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    Brilliant....but baffling

    How can we produce a performance like that after being so woeful in our last two? Thought we were top drawer in every department against a side assembled at a cost of £91Million! Sinclair 9 Pearson 8.5 (thought he was gonna cop a red at one point) Barky & McGuire. Both 8 Baur 8.5 Rudd 8 DJ 8...
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    So what needs to change?

    The squad, the manager, the formation, the training, ? Clearly our home form cannot be left unaddressed, but I’m stumped on how to turn this around. Personally not a fan of removing the manager as at the end of the day we’re left with the same players. The are some games where we shoo shave got...
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    Going going...

    It is hard to see all clubs emerging completely unscathed from the current crisis. The Premiership clubs are probably secure due to their filthy Sky cash. Everyone from the Championship down though is at risk. The lower league clubs are already in great difficulty, but who will the footballing...
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    I rate fisher very highly, but goodness me he sometimes makes the nerves jangle. He always seems to have at least one major error per game in him. he was awful first half tonight, but AN obviously had a word at half time as his performance improved. Great potential, but needs to stay switched on.
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    98 mins!!!

    How the fuck were there 98 mins extra. fucking robbed yet again, week in week out we play way over what everyone else plays. 98 mins is fucking ridiculous.
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    Awarded a point as Bolton unable to comeplete the fixture!!!
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    Warning and help

    Hi everyone I’ll try to be as brief as possible. My mum and dad 86 and 80 are in Tenerife. Dad became seriously ill ( he nearly died). The insurance company Staysure pulled insurance cover, without even telling them (they called for assistance and found out). Staysure then refused to discuss...
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    Who is going?

    We all know by now that PNE policy is sell to buy. For me it’s not a case of who might go, but who is going. The favourites are obviously Pearson and Browne. I re kin Pearson has shot himself in the foot in terms of a big money move, so by a quick process of elimination, Browne goes to Wolves...
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    Very poor today. The lads did well to keep it to 0-0. at half time. The Rudd howler at the start of the second half set the tone for the rest of the game. On a slipper, slick pitch our players slipped time and again. They played with little discipline or shape and resorted to hoofing it up the...
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    PNE- the managerial grim reaper

    Steve Bruce sacked after poor result against PNE. We are truly the death knell for managers!
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    The Fans

    Norwich on a Wednesday at 7.45pm. A four hundred and sixty odd mike trip midweek. Enough is enough- that trip on a Saturday at 3.00 would be bad enough- it’s about time fixtures act7ally reflected what the fans want.
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    Clubs like Aston Villa

    In an all too familiar story Aston Villa have become the latest club to become embroiled in financial scandal. Following in the steps of Leeds, Portsmouth, Bolton, Blackburn etc it has emerged that their failure to win promotion to the Premiership has unleashed financial disaster. The club are...
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    Stats or BS

    Yet again the stats indicate that we were the “better” team. Most possession, most shots, most shots on target. Reading had two shots and scored from one. Are we just unlucky or are stats just BS?
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    It’s the hope that kills you

    Saw Villa v Reading tonight. Reading are monumentlly shite, so, well, you never know, only three points away!
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    Death knell for the Lashers

    With a court ordering Oyston to pay former partner £31M and bailffs visiting Oysten’s “business premises” this week, is this the death knell for the Lashers!!!!
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    The next two

    Saw Villa v Birmingham yesterday. Villa are currently the division’s form team and have won their last 7. The money they’ve spent is finally paying off. They looked very, very good yesterday. I doubt that we will get anything from that game. So our next opponents Wolves, top of the table and...
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    Deadline day

    Hugill rumoured to be on way to West Ham! (Source- Sky Sports News)
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    Credit where it’s due. Robinson and Harrop changed the game after they came on last night. Horgan worked hard, but Harrop and Robinsone brought in that bit more quality and helped to create several chances, one of which was put away for the win. If Robinson can be more consistent then he can...