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    Weather forecasts

    Why do they bother? It’s pissing down outside my house and met office website says less than 5% chance of rain.
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    Difference between PNE and Hull

    Shit owner who doesn’t invest in the team. Club up for sale - price supposedly too high. Sold two best players - not replaced. Allowed a decent, experienced manager to leave and replaced him with a manager with no Championship experience. Bottom of the league - relegated.
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    Charlton parking ticket

    Anyone else like me just been stung for £60 fine for parking in that retail park near Charlton ground? I wouldn’t have minded so much but I was parked near a load of home fans. And I didn’t have my magnifying glass to read all the small print on the signs. Bet it’s only the away fans that...
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    How to beat City.

    1. Don't poo your pants in the tunnel waiting to go out on the pitch if you are stood next to David Silva (as Watford did). He's only 4 foot 6 anyway. If we don't believe we can win it, we won't. 2. Target Ottamendi – he’s shit. Press high and don’t let them play out from the back. Force them...
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    67 goals conceded

    67 goals against tells you all you need to know about what our biggest problem was this season- defending. This was 19 more than last season and worse than Millwall and Reading who finished just above relegation. Scoring goals was not a problem this season overall. 67 goals scored was 10 up on...
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    Priorities for next season

    We need to draw a line under last night and probably the whole season and think about priorities for next season. If we address the following priorities we have a chance of challenging at the top end of the table. 1. Keep AN at the club for another season if possible. Offer him a better...