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  1. LancasterRed

    Tommy Docherty has Passed Away

  2. LancasterRed

    Sunderland Taken Over Congratulations to Sunderland who have been taken over by a wealthy, ambitious owner.
  3. LancasterRed

    Jefferson Lerma Biting

    Who the hell bites someone?
  4. LancasterRed

    COVID Outbreak at Millwall

    Another club hit...
  5. LancasterRed

    Ched Evans...again

    Sacked by Fleetwood.
  6. LancasterRed

    Cork City Deal Falls Through

  7. LancasterRed

    Pearson's Injury

    Going in for a scan tomorrow. Hope he turns out to be okay, but ligament damage expected.
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    Norwich lodge complaint against referee Darren England. While not being related to his performance, it's good that someone has finally spoken up about refereeing.
  9. LancasterRed

    Darnell Fisher Banned For Three Matches (Confirmed)
  10. LancasterRed

    Blackpool Academy Manager dies
  11. LancasterRed

    Ripley Scores!

  12. LancasterRed

    Cocu sacked by Derby

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    Currently playing for Jamaica.
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    Another COVID Case in the Ireland Squad

    Hopefully not AB just as he's coming into form.
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    Wales manager arrested
  16. LancasterRed

    Rodwell Joins Brig on Loan

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    Derby - Arab Takeover
  18. LancasterRed

    Squad Health

    Probably worth its own thread. Not good.