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    Neil OUT

    Has to go. We have been dreadful at home for such a long time. Has he benefited from a good squad that Grayson left? What has his signings contributed? We are dreadful.
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    Game tomorrow live in Manchester

    Does anyone know of a place showing the game on tv tomorrow in Manchester city centre tomorrow? I noticed a Premier League game is on at same time so I'd assume most places showing that. Sorry to post this here. Not too sure where else to put it!
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    Neil Mellor - Yes or No?

    What will happen with Neil Mellor? I know the chairman stated he will never play for PNE again. But considering he was passing the blame onto previous managers I thought it may be relevant if Brown Phil wants him. I presume it is all down to wages but I never thought that he didn't give...
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    Lonergan > than Hart AND underpaid??

    Did anyone see the goal Hart conceded this evening for England? How much must he be earning? Our goal keeper got a real slating for conceding a similar goal to Sheffield United. Surely this keeper representing our country (and the richest club in the world) should not be conceding a similar...
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    Lonergan on Radio Lancs tonight, off topic stuff

    So a premier league club made a bid for him then? You said that would never happen??
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    matchday thread (off topic stuff)

    You don't normally find the word 'reality' and 'danny' in the same sentance!
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    A World Cup bet

    Just wondering people's thoughts on the following bet? Personally think it's a great bet... Argentina to win their group Spain to win their group England to win their group Germany, Brazil, Netherlands and italy all to qualify from their group. Odds of around 3.5/1
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    Chris Sedgwick - Last game at Deepdale?

    Am I correct in thinking this will be his last home game? I'm quite sure he is out of contract and with no news on a new one being offered I assume he will be leaving at the end of the season. Well, I think he deserves a great reception tomorrow if this is the case. I've been one of his...
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    Chaplow walks out on club - PLEASE STAY OUT

    Strong rumour going around on the STFS that Chaplow walked out of the club today. I'm hoping it's true and he isn't allowed back in!
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    Is that it then?

    Just Treacy?? Was hoping for at least one more, and couple out. Gutted about Woods bid being rejected.
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    If we played football....

    ...I could put up with this type of run of form. After what Irvine has done for us, he would deserve more time. BUT we have played poorly consistently for about 14 months now. We consistently play long ball, not even trying to create space, do nice neat one twos. I'm sick to death of watching...
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    This word was mentioned tonight on sky. They mentioned how Notts Forest always had options in their play. This we have lacked under Irvine since the end of September 2008. We started the previous season playing fantastic football, some of the best I've seen at Deepdale. Now, it's so bad I don't...
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    Davidson - Out now!

    I've never rated him greatly, but how bad is he?? I'm sure a lot of fans will like him because of his attitude and commitment. But with the ball at his feet (when he does manage to play a game) he is dire. His distribution is awful and must surely have an impact with the way we play as a team...
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    Another poor performance

    I'm really starting to lose faith in Irvine. I can take getting beat, I can take the odd poor performance, I can take a poor run of results, but I'm finding it really hard to accept how our players can CONSISTENTLY play so badly and just hoof the ball. I thought we got out of jail tonight...
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    Central Midfield

    This is where the problem lies. We haven't got anyone who can get a hold of the game, no one in the midfield that can tackle or win a header. Instead we have Chaplow and Carter who can't tackle, can't head a ball, incredibly light weight. It's no wonder the defence can't keep a clean sheet as...
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    iphone - adobe flash player

    Not too sure where to post this. Does anyone know if you can download adobe flash player on the iPhone? Bet365 live in play needs this apparently to work, and when i tried this on a friends it said you need to install the player. Can you download this? And has anyone tried bet365 live in play...
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    2 points off the top

    Not all bad after all!
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    Dell laptop overheating

    My Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop is starting to get really hot. Exactly where the battery is, it is sometimes untouchable. My battery light also sometimes flashes red to green. And when the charger is plugged in, it no longer stays as a green light for charging, it once again flashes. Anyone know...
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    PS3 online

    I'm thinking about gettin a ps3. Basically i have a xbox 360, but i'm upgrading my phone. Carphone warehouse give you a free gift of a ps3 and the only game i'd get for it really would be Pro Evo but i've heard reports it's quite slow online. Is that true or has anyone heard good reports about...
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    It shows where we are going

    When your longest serving player, who has captained his team to the play-offs, moves to a team who was only promoted a year ago and who have only just survived their status as a championship club. Could you imagine another club captain of the top six moving to a club who only just managed to...