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    QPR game.

    Probably one of the biggest games Neil will have managed in his time here. Since the 17/18 season anyway. Lose it and I think he's done as would be at least 15th and perhaps only 4-5 points off bottom 3. Knew QPR were doing well recently but in last 6 games they've won away at Cardiff and...
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    Forgotten Preston players.

    Was just looking up who scored for PNE v Stoke in Jan 2007 and saw Kelvin Wilson scored the winner, only league goal he scored. Had completely forgotten he played for Preston. Can't remember how rated or not he was at the time but he had a pretty decent career after leaving, made 150...
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    The Sheffield United model.

    I watched their game yesterday and fully expect them to stay up. They will be tough team to play against for fellow bottom half prem teams with the way they press and get men behind the ball when out of possession. Palace with Zaha on the pitch barely had a decent shot on target. As much as...
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    Fair to say he's looked the worst of Fergie's signings so far? Not much better than Sedgwick really!
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    The relegated prem trio.

    Looking like to me it's Hull, Pompey and Burnley. Have to be happy with that. Last season it was Newcastle, Boro and WBA. Newcastle kept more of their good players than I thought and have walked the division, WBA know how to get promoted out of this division like the back of their hand and...
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    Davies's first loss against PNE...

    since he left. What sort of reception did he get?:D
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    Anyone got a video of his howler on saturday?
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    Can't believe people are getting on Fergie's back already.

    Madness. Look when Irvine took over (o.k maybe not best example) he lost plenty of games early doors including at home to Blackpool. I'm pretty sure in Billy Davies's first 10 games there were cracking results such as losing 2-0 away to Burnley and 5-0 away to Wigan.:rolleyes: Yes this season...
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    A point to get the season going again or papering over the cracks?

    Must say the performance was garbage and I don't expect anything at Cardiff really as even though they're struggling, their pacy forward line will rip apart this defence. But winnable home games coming up so not sure.
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    Kevin Blackwell.

    See that cnut is whining again about having no money and a massive injury list. Same trick he tried to pull of at Leeds despite nicking PNE's best players every three months. Fair enough they are missing a few players but when they're all fit their strikeforce is Ched Evans (signed for 3m)...
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    SSL missed tonight.

    Needed someone with a bit of mobility in central defence tonight as Chilvers and Mawene were shown up big time. O.k you won't get any championship team with the quality Spurs have upfront but it seems a big weak area at the minute. Maybe play Nolan in central defence?
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    Oompa lumpa goal chart.

    I know Parkin's got 3 but lost track of how many Browny and Mellor have now scored in the league. Good job they're scoring as the defence is looking like it's going to collapse now. I think it's realistic as long as fitness is retained for Parkin to get 15, Mellor to get 15 + and Brown and...
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    Another awful result for them today, I know Stumpy started off slowly here and at Derby but I dunno Forest should be surely doing a bit better. Their forward options upfront are McGoldrick, Adebola, Garner, Tyson, Blackstock and Earnshaw which must be costing a wage or two. I think most clubs...
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    Hey Kesselring, look who's scoring...

    It's Chris Brown. :) Last season was a bit of a write off season for Browny with the back problem although he looked sharper towards the end of it. This season, he's looking like he's getting back to the form when he first joined. Hopefully him, Mellor and Parkin can contribute close to 40...
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    The championship so far.

    Only two games in and yet all I'm seeing is draws, draws and more draws. All to play for!
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    Thoughts on Championship teams.

    So folks, who do you lot reckon will: Win the championship? Get relegated? Be the surprise package? Be the most improved team? Be the biggest underachievers? Give the press the most surreal and ridiculous stories? I'll go for Sheffield United to win the league, Scunny, Watford and...
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    Martin Laursen.

    Will announce his retirement today. He will be missed. :(
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    The way forward.

    Goalkeeper has stood up to be counted over the last month so while he's not perfect, dodgy on crosses and can drop the odd clanger, he's one of the better keepers in the division. Defence is fine imo. I think someone may take a punt on SSL but even then Hart, Chilvers and Trotman will all be...
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    Just not good enough.

    Sheffield United just better in all areas I'nm afraid over the two legs. Solid defence (even though the PNE defending was brilliant), dynamic and combust midfield and more attacking options. I'm convinced with a bit more work on the midfield, next season the team can challenge for a top 2...
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    Is this season already a success?

    Top 6 has been achieved. Now personally I think everyone on here would've snapped their hands off for that position in August and given the away form has been mostly bobbins and quite a few injuries have occured, you have to say well done to Irvine and the players particularly for the...