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  1. Atkypne

    Goodnight my Dear Friends................

    Here to talk if needs be, hope things improve for you.
  2. Atkypne

    Ben Davies

    I feel for the lad.
  3. Atkypne

    Another Northender has gone

    May your father rest in peace.
  4. Atkypne

    Neil OUT

    His time is up. Bye.
  5. Atkypne


    It was an honour being in Stu's company, mainly for me on the football field. He was a top lad and had a good eye for goal. He always had a smile on his face and had time for everyone. I had the pleasure of being at his wedding and a few years later helping him find his lost wedding ring...
  6. Atkypne

    Keeping fit

    I've been doing the Joe Wicks exercise class since lockdown started. Through this my ankles have strengthened greatly, allowing me to get back into running. I'm doing 5k runs every 4 days and my PB is 24.42 secs.
  7. Atkypne

    How you doing, alright?

    I've been on furlough pay since lockdown. Thankfully having a 4 month old and a 4 year old we've been kept busy. I'm starting to run out of jobs to carry out around the house. Only been going out for a daily 1hr walk and collecting a shop once a week. I've logged on remotely for work at...
  8. Atkypne

    EFL Suspended till 4th Apr (confirmed)

    So sorry to hear this Stu 😢
  9. Atkypne

    Encounters with North End players, in normal life

    Saw Nugent at Ice Cream Farm (kids play farm/park on Monday in Chester. I gave him a polite nod, I was going to have a chat but left him to it with his kids.
  10. Atkypne


    Boro best WBA at the Hawthornes, end of.
  11. Atkypne

    What car do you drive and how do you rate it?

    16 plate Focus 1.5 tdci. Love it, upgrading soon as now have two little ones so need extra room. Looking at a Ford Kuga, Seat Ateca or Peugeot 3008.
  12. Atkypne

    Keeper, Striker and full back.

    It'll be the end of us. We'll slip away and AN will leave.
  13. Atkypne

    Just what is the goalkeeping coach coaching

    If it wasn't for Rudd it would have been 3 or 4 nil.
  14. Atkypne

    Sean Haslegrave

    Rest in peace ?
  15. Atkypne

    When is Gentry Day planned for this season?

    Why not choose Barnsley away?
  16. Atkypne

    Encounters with North End players, in normal life

    Andy Carol in town, he had just signed on loan. I was wearing some ex training gear and he looked at me and presumed I was a player /staff and have him a nod, he nodded back. Hahaha....
  17. Atkypne

    TV Series/Netflix/Box Sets

    Anyone watched Money Heist?
  18. Atkypne

    i-Follow Higlights Quality

    Probably the default is 240kbps. Do you have the option like on the screen shot to change the rate?