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  1. KeithLard

    Amend profile

    Can't seem to find where I amend my own profile? My current one is about a decade out of date! Can't find a way into an edit mode anywhere o_O
  2. KeithLard

    Anybody work in IT?

    Wasn't sure where to post this, feel free to move Mods! Realized that I've been a member of this forum for 18 years or so since 2004 - I was a student back then, but I've been working in IT Sales since 2006, and since 2009 I've been working as an Account Manager/Director for numerous IT...
  3. KeithLard

    Supporter Apathy at 100%

    I don’t often post new threads on here but feel I need to get something off my chest. Perhaps in the vain hope that somebody at PNE sees it and at least considers doing something about it. I imagine there will be a lot of agreement with me here, so let me get onto it: APATHY. I can’t remember...
  4. KeithLard

    Jobs in Preston / Lancs

    OK this might not be the best time... but I'm looking to get a new job ideally more Preston or at least closer to Preston than I currently am, after 14 years so far of working for different Manchester-based companies (and one Horwich). I'm an IT salesperson. Account Manager / BDM / Client...
  5. KeithLard

    Jobs in LEP

    Hey all, need to grab a look at the jobs in the LEP. What day or days are they printed?? Cheers
  6. KeithLard

    Nick Powell

    Rumours in Manchester, I work here and across from Old Trafford, that PNE are in talks with Nick Powell. Been told by a reliable source, but he doesn't know whether this is a loan or permanent or stuff like that.
  7. KeithLard

    Looking to Join a Football Team

    Hello all Myself and a friend are looking to join a local football team, 11-a-side ideally, perhaps 7-a-side too, but not 5-a-side. Weekend or midweek nights are fine, if anyone needs players please let me know. We are both fairly decent players, but a bit rusty after having not played for a...
  8. KeithLard

    Lampard vs Gerrard

    They've both retired from international football now, and both been fantastic servants for club and country...but who has actually been the better player. The media have a love-in with Gerrard, and locally the numerous Plastic Scousers mean Gerrard also gets more of the vote as they all love...
  9. KeithLard

    Team Morale

    My nephew was a mascot at the Liverpool match and as part of that we got a tour of the ground etc and an opportunity to meet the players. What was evident is that we have a cracking bunch of lads, with very little cliques that you often get. Everyone was in good spirits, good banter, friendly...
  10. KeithLard

    To all the PNE players if you are reading this…

    I am getting married in August this year. Our tables at the wedding breakfast are named after PNE legends. Finney, Shankly, Kelly, Gregan, Nugent & St Ledger (the missus favourite, because he chatted her up once, long story) However, there is space for ONE MORE. We agreed if we get through the...
  11. KeithLard

    Nicky Bailey

    In talks with Grayson over joining PNE, left Middlesbrough at the end of the season. Decent player too.
  12. KeithLard

    Ade Akinbiyi

    Don't you just love Wikipedia. Couple of comedy changes on this page, well deserved if you ask me:
  13. KeithLard


    An utter joke of a club. Small club, shit fans, shit ground, shit kit, shit name. Latest signing - Christopher Samba for £12.5million from Anzhi Moneybagski and £100,000 per week!!! The most over-rated manager in footballing history - Harry Redknapp - trying to kill off another club (and I...
  14. KeithLard

    Currently playing Former PNE players

    Hi everybody Call me a saddo, but I am putting together an ex-PNE team on FIFA12, using players currently available on the game. Trying to think of all our current former players is proving taxing, can anybody think of any I haven't listed (that are half decent would be nice as well)? Nugent...
  15. KeithLard

    KeithLard's assessment

    Afternoon, everybody. I think it was worth me stating my opinion on all matters PNE. I know everything there is to know about everything, I advised PNE to offer the role of manager to Arsene Wenger, as he has worked wonders at Arsenal, but Maurice Lindsay was not interested. Another chance lost...
  16. KeithLard

    Wayne Rooney...

    Wayne Rooney is in trouble, if what I've heard is correct, check the News Of The World on Sunday, he is the next John Terry!
  17. KeithLard

    Season Tickets on Finance

    Alright people. Does PNE operate a buying season ticket option of paying monthly, or quaterly? If not, why not? If so - where is it offered :) Other clubs operate the same - it is a great option for getting the same level discount without having to fork out a big wedge.
  18. KeithLard

    PREDICTOR - Please sign up

    Hi people I have setup a mini-league predictor, bit different to normal fantasy footy, over on Talksport. Follow the link, click on predictor, then join up to mini league through there Name of league - PNE Fans Password - youlmawene5 Cheers
  19. KeithLard

    Gary Hooper? Last comment is key here: "Celtic, Middlesbrough, Leeds and Derby County have all been linked in the media with an interest in Hooper – but it may well be there is a club that has managed to stay...
  20. KeithLard

    Am I wrong?

    Bit of light relief (sort of). We bought our girlfriends nephew a full PNE kit at Christmas, he loved it - and it wasn't cheap! However, his mum (supposedly a PNE fan) have now bought him a full Liverpool kit - and sent us the picture to rub it in! Very angry at the money outlayed and that he...