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    Home form for the rest of the season

    Recently someone posted the details of our home form for the 1985/86 season: P. 23 W. 7 D. 4 L. 12 For 32 Against 41 For those of you too young to remember this was the season were we finished next to bottom of the old Fourth Division and had to go through the humiliation of...
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    Winning games

    I've just had a look back over this (now last) season's results. We won 18 games (and only the top 5 won more) as follows: Won home and away vs Barnsley, B'ham City, Charlton, Sheff Wed, Stoke, and Wigan. Won at home only vs B Rovers, Brentford, Fulham, Huddersfield, Hull, and Luton. We...
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    Ben Davies

    AN has just said that Ben was rested on Tuesday because of a hamstring niggle. Another potential hamstring injury to go with Maguire and Robinson (and was Woods' latest injury also a hamstring?). Add to these the quad injuries to Johnson, Pearson and Browne's quad niggle in the Rovers game. I...
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    Am I right in thinking that, at the recent Forum, the club stated that North End had been independently valued at £77 million? If so that value seems even stranger today when I've just read the Bolton owner saying that they are worth £30m, and that a Fans Consortium in conjunction with other...
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    Tom Barkhuizen: Sprinter or Marathon Man

    There have been a lot of comments at times this season about TB looking worn out. I wonder if this issue boils down to whether or not he is being used to maximise his strengths? To my mind TB is a sprinter, whose pace and particular strengths on the ball are best used sparingly and through the...
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    Last three games

    45 attempts; 8 on target - but only 1 goal. The opposition have had only 23 attempts with 7 on target - but only 1 of their's wasn't a goal. Luck or quality needed?
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    Has every Sean Maguire attempt been on target?

    I didn't make it to either Derby or Middlesboro, but I can't recall Sean Maguire putting a single attempt off target so far this season. Any one else agree/ disagree with me on this? The more chances we create for him the better our chances of success.
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    Didn't SG say.......

    I may be wrong, but I seem to remember SG being quoted as saying that he thought we would get most of our transfer business sorted by the end of May as he would be away for most of June. If my memory's right then what's gone wrong? I appreciate that the work will be done by the owner's rep...
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    A season of two halves

    First ten games: 10 points. Last twelve games: 10 points. Twenty points from 22 games = relegation form. Other twenty four games: 42 points = play-offs - and some of the most entertaining football we have seen in years. I hope that the realises how much we need that extra bit of quality for...
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    National Rail Strike- starts 5pm Mon 25th May

    National Rail have just announced that the RMT (?) have just voted for industrial action, with another union announcing the results of its' ballot on Friday - just in time to give the 7 days notice needed to enable them to hit the Bank Holiday weekend with either an all-out strike or some other...
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    Gallagher and Johnson

    I don't think that Gallagher has looked right since the Peterborough game (in which I think he took a knock). He has stopped helping out Welsh in making effective challenges, particularly in the second half of games, and his general form has clearly dipped. Daniel Johnson has also seemed to go...
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    Should we have signed another holding midfielder?

    With the loan window now having closed, do you think that we've made a mistake in not having signed another holding CM? Yes, John Welsh has done well since he got back into the team, but we've no direct replacement for him in case of injury / suspension / tiredness late on in games. Kilkenny...
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    League form since the end of October

    P13 W4 D4 L5 Gls For 13 Agst 15 Pts 16 = Mid-table form. Only 1 win in 7 at home. There's no guarantee we're even going to make the play-offs at this rate
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    More Strikers than the T.U.C.

    As a new member (but long time voyeur :)) I just thought I'd make my first post about a big part of our transfer strategy since Trevor Hemmings took control of the club. I've listed below the 28 strikers that we've signed in the four and a half seasons since he forced the club to the brink of...