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  1. Hitch 22

    Gally should he stay or should he go

    Club legend
  2. Hitch 22

    Haalands potential wages

    I’m not usually on the football wages rage train (I do think it’s... interesting that the one industry churning out black working class millionaires by the dozen gets shit for its wages, while equally well paid stockbrokers don’t). But even so, a million a week for a 20 year old is *obscene*...
  3. Hitch 22

    Media Team

    I assume it must be true AN banned Media team from training. Don't think I've seen so many pictures of the team on Twitter 😂😂😂. Suppose it's nice for a positive spin for the fans.
  4. Hitch 22

    Alex Neil Substitutions

    Does he genuinely think taking our best players off for worse players will positively affect a game. Mollumby should never ever go off or Gordon for that matter yet Barky is absolutely shit but stays on. Awful manager.
  5. Hitch 22

    Brighton cut-outs to be pictured in kits

    Brighton have offered fans a chance to pay 20 pounds to have cardboard cut-outs of themselves in the clubs ground for the remaining games of the season. Fans been asked to pose in homekits. Made me think of PNE perhaps with realistic crowd sounds!"Forwards " "Ref wear your specs next time "...
  6. Hitch 22

    Has to be asked ?

    I hope everyone is staying safe and in good health. I read a few days ago that say if the season is postponed until August Burnley and lots of other clubs will be in real trouble financially. Thing is could it be good news for PNE as Hemmings has never really spent more than we can afford and we...
  7. Hitch 22

    Could be worse

    This idiot could still be in charge!
  8. Hitch 22

    Trevs Cunning Plan

    Show ambition now most other teams are broke ??
  9. Hitch 22

    Wayne Rooney Derby County

    On the verge of becoming Player manager Derby. Probably rip the division apart.
  10. Hitch 22

    Where does AN rate in your list of North End Managers?

    In my opinion he's up with Billy Davies and Moyes as best manager we have had in my lifetime supporting the whites. Ok u could argue he hasn't got us to the play offs yet the injuries we have endured he's done a fantastic job getting us where we are. Ok a major annoyance with me has been having...
  11. Hitch 22

    John Welsh

    Wow can't believe this or the pints of Shandy. I hope it was just the drink making him act terribly
  12. Hitch 22

    Paying for tickets tonight?

    I'm out of the PNE loop. What's crack with buying tickets tonight? Do I have to phone up and put on my season card or do you queue at window? Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  13. Hitch 22

    Do you think North End

    Will ever break our record transfer set with David Healy whilst Trev is the owner. Sounds to me like he won't go over a million. Ok ITK people have said we bid 2 mill for Armstrong, it's ok bidding but obviously we all know no Player will come here with wages we offer. I love my club but...
  14. Hitch 22

    The day after

    I was furious with the team last night .After reflection this morning though I've realised it's been rare for the lads to really let us down over past few seasons.I think part of our annoyance is knowing that actually this team is capable. In previous seasons we have had to really play above our...
  15. Hitch 22

    Unibet offer

    Worth a do if you sign up to Unibet. They need your Id before signing up Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  16. Hitch 22

    Championship Football /Quest Tv

    I've been living under a cloud and didn't have a clue CH 5 weren't doing the coverage anymore. I've found the Quest App to watch Champ highlights on . Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  17. Hitch 22


    What team do you think will start vs QPR going off what you've seen so far. I've only seen bits and bats off ifollow and sometimes that doesn't give an accurate picture of players. Definites for me Rudd, Fisher, Clarke, Hughes, Pearson, Maguire. The front lines a puzzler as Robinson and Barky...
  18. Hitch 22

    Youl Mawene

    Still my favourite ever North End Player. The one Player who didn't freeze in the play off final. A great guy and gentlemen to boot. Nice pic off insta from PA at his wedding. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  19. Hitch 22

    Christopher Chope

    What a twat this guy is for blocking the Upskirting Bill. He has previous form for blocking bills on Hillsborough and other important debate. Complete cunt but we at least know what he gets up to in his spare time...
  20. Hitch 22


    Just wondered what people made of him last season. He's a Player that seems to lack pace but has ability. At home I thought he was quite poor yet when I watched him away live on TV away he seemed to have good games. He's really puzzling? Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk