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  1. Tino

    Lukas Nmecha enigma

    Think that was the last away game of 2011/12 believe it or not!
  2. Tino

    VAR and those cheating gits....

    It is going to ruin the spectacle for me. Some watching at home might quite like it, the commentators certainly don't shut up about it, but unless they get it sorted out the people in the stadium are going to suffer. Managers watching the replays on a tablet and then screaming at the ref...
  3. Tino

    Millwall Away

    Was that Bailey Wrights debut? Or certainly one of his first games.
  4. Tino

    Lukas Nmecha enigma

    Oh yeah, “watch him closely he never actually makes a tackle” :)
  5. Tino

    Lukas Nmecha enigma

    I certainly remember the Bournemouth game being a turning point. Makienok hat trick?
  6. Tino

    Millwall Away

    I’m sure I went to a night game when Dennis Wise scores a header. In fact he might have got 2.
  7. Tino

    Lukas Nmecha enigma

    He'd played 20 games for us by then. I can't really remember but was he really getting that much of a tough time before that game?
  8. Tino

    Plastics Away - Ticket Details (3,000 Sold - 21/02)

    I guess there's always a chance you get low down in the corner of the lower tier which makes it harder to see what is going on. The top half of the bottom tier is fine. Every seat in the top tier is a great view. I prefer the top tier at both Deadwood and Notlob.
  9. Tino


    Exactly. I made this point a few weeks back that those with games in hand will also have to play many more Saturday-Tuesday/Wednesday-Saturday run of matches and it's shown in the recent one that we just had that the 3rd game in that spell is especially tough. We already have 2 more midweeks...
  10. Tino

    New pub for Preston?

    When it was first announced they said it would be based on Alberts Schloss in Manchester which certainly isn't the cheapest of places, but is alwasy rammed. It's also opposite Stratos which also isn't cheap. If its done out well and the music is right it could do well. Still not been in 1842...
  11. Tino

    Lukas Nmecha enigma

    You see Kathryn we both made the same point about Stockport not being non league, the difference is I added to the post and it wasn't the key part of the post whereas yours was just the usual correction post or trying to get one over on someone post that you regularly throw out. It has become...
  12. Tino

    Lukas Nmecha enigma

    Well unfortunately 2 of the 3 have shown they can't be relied upon to not sustain injuries and miss significant parts of a season and Stockley is a novice at this level. It's also likely we're losing Robinson who can play up there and wide. Nmecha could fill that void, whilst not requiring a...
  13. Tino

    Lukas Nmecha enigma

    Which was a 20 minute cameo at the end. Stockport weren't not league though, it was in a league cup match. King did nothing for us, Nmecha looks far better. No one can really say how his career will pan out, but personally I think he'll go on to have a good one. Talk of "he'll be in league 1...
  14. Tino

    The Belokon vs Oyston Court Case

    I take it it'll be a sell out on Saturday?
  15. Tino

    On Sky?

    Norwich vs Hull is the main game on March 13th when we're at Boro so our game is on the red button. They haven't announced the main game for 9th April yet but if things carry on as they are it is sure to be Leeds / Norwich / WBA etc. so there's a chance that one will get main coverage...
  16. Tino

    Brentford away...

    Apologies, I saw Ando yesterday...
  17. Tino

    Brentford away...

    2019-20 is their last season at Griffin Park so we'll be back there next season as well.
  18. Tino

    Which should Pearson miss ?

    He has missed a few games in the past with injuries, a run of half a dozen games or so, nothing major I guess especially for a CM. He played 15 games less than Browne last season. That's quite a lot. I think the discipline will have an impact on someone paying for him, especially if he'd be...
  19. Tino

    Jose -- Gone

    Aye well, in theory 'anyone' could manage the players through most games United play but the real top top managers can get them set up and tactically ready and through the real big games. Hence the conclusion of some that he couldn't do it at the very top level. He's another huge game this...
  20. Tino

    EFL, EPL and FA all looking for New Bosses. Harvey to quit at end of Season

    Well, if you look at it from the other pov he also negotiated the largest tv deal ever for the Championship. I think the problems re the red button and the iFollow coverage is that it wasn't clear what the proposal was and some clubs think they're doing things that they didn't actually agree...