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    Home and Away

    With the Prem fixtures out today and EFL next Thursday I thought a non contentious thread would be forecasting our 1st Away & home Opponents. See who guesses nearest ??? I'll go for Swansea (H) and Sheff U (A)
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    This Season or Next ?

    My son is excited that Derby have been found guilty on appeal of breaching finance rules and a punishment will be announced 'shortly'. I dont know the details but he says Sky sports has the story.....and points deductions are one option for sanctions.... Question is..... do we want a points...
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    betting firm on children's shirts

    just need to Rant..... my disabled daughter turned 12 at weekend and so her older brother wanted to buy her a new shirt. we went to the shop but the largest childrens sizes are too small for her (no she isnt fat) and is marketed as being 13 - 15 size. Her only option was to buy an adult...
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    EFL Shaft Wigan but not Sheff Weds

    Who thinks the decision to deduct 12 points of Sheff Weds NEXT season is yet another copping out of making a decision. Wigan lose 12 points as soon as their owner screws everyone, but Sheff weds are under investigation for 2 years and they dont announce the punishment until after this season...
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    Salary Caps and Squad Limits..

    Just read the EFL are proposing 'squad salary caps' of £2.5m for L1 and £1.25m for league two. The proposals also include limiting senior squad numbers to 20 ( 21 and above being senior) with 8 of those having to be home grown. IF those get accepted for next season, do you think the...
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    Derby or Man Utd ?

    Just a question folks... Do we now want Man U to beat derby this week so our 5000th game goes ahead as a home game OR Do we hope Derby beat Man U so our Derby game is postponed - giving Pearo longer to get fit for it ???????
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    Next Transfer Window

    I see the Premier League are trying to help us out again.. Extending the summer transfer window further - instead of closing when the season starts it will now run until Sept 1st... This gives us longer to strengthen for our debut season in the Prem and not having to panic buy after winning at...
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    TEAM for TUESDAY ??

    I understand we play Rovers on Tuesday @ Uclan in the S/F of the Lancs Senior Cup..... So, with Ginnelly; Earl; Armer; Baxter; O'Reilly; Simpson ec out on loan and With Bodin; Bayliss; Moult injured.... I wonder IF we will do a Barrow and withdraw or if we play, what team can we put out;??? I...
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    Happy Anniversary

    Two years today since AN walked into Deepdale.....happy day and still happy ! We've never finished 11th since !!!!!
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    New Managers; New league ??

    I know only 3 teams came down and another 3 came up (with 6 swapping places) but how many of the teams we are due to play have new managers too ? the news of Forests change, follows quickly after the change at Birmingham. There is the impending change at Derby, as well as the change at Hull We...
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    If BOLTON Go

    So with the lock out at Bolton; The winding up order due; the new buyers pulling out - maybe... Bolton might not complete the season...... if so WE would lose 4 points, as would Brissol.. but Swansea; and Hull would lose 6 and the rest around us lose 3 as theyve only played them once so far...
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    Which should Pearson miss ?

    My understanding is that BP's booking for the PEn last night is his 9th and so 1 more will be a 2 game ban (I presume). Knowing he wont go the rest of the season without a yellow, WHICH games should he aim to miss? i.e. when can we afford him to get his next card? IF we have passed the amnesty...
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    1/4 season - only 9 points !

    Time for a reality check today .... a 1/4 of the season has now gone and we are only 9 points off play offs..... just wait till we are fit and confident !
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    Stronger or Weaker ?

    Assuming, for the purpose of discussion, that the starting X1 at Oldham was Neil's first X1, then the subs would be the team likely to play against Morecambe. That would be :- Maxwell; Woods; Clarke; Storey; Earl; Gally; Ledson; Burke; Bodin; Moult; Horgan. = The same time last season we...
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    FOTA Island Camp

    Our Manager (and the last one) target the weeks training camp in Ireland as the main 'team building' week in pre season. Often doing triple sessions, as well as 'fun related' activities, it is the week AN expects to sharpen everything for the season. With this in mind do 'we' think...
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    When THURSDAY Comes ...?

    Having got back off holiday I have been catching up on forum speculations and the like re: transfers in / out. My question / this thread is aimed at those who seem to be more itk than the rest of us.... When this Thursday comes, and the team return to pre season training, WILL Neil insist on...
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    PNE Internations ?

    Just raising a question..... We have 4 players away on International Duty this week, and whilst Maxwell hasnt played for Wales yet he might this week. The article also mentions Maguire and Bodin having pulled out through injury, as well as soon to become Irish Robbo waiting for International...
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    Will they be here at the close of the transfer window ???

    This summer 'could' see the biggest turnover of squad players since Medal winner threw everyone out with the bath water..... Which of these do 'you' think will still be with us (think will be, not wish would be) at the close of the summer window :- Hudson Roberts Vermijl; Woods; Spurr...
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    DJ no time to lose

    I see that Alex Neil has confirmed DJ has been sidelined with a head injury, following the Wolves game, we sort of knew that I think. However in added detail today the manager says he was "suffering from 'short term memory loss'"....but is now back in training. this means there is no time to...
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    Wolves gates

    Being half term and a 'sad' individual, I thought I would look at home gates vrs Wolves and see if the 20k is ever likely... My records go back 30 years and make 'interesting' reading. Over these years leagues have been 'renamed' and so I cant be certain if we had 'gone up a league' or the...