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    Indy 500.

    Anyone interested in this? I never have been but I've been watching the practice sessions and qualifying for next Sunday's race. Plus a few re runs of races gone by on YouTube. Oval track racing has never appealed, but with speeds of 230mph and tons of overtaking, the racing is spectacular.
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    1880 / 1881

    When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, all the North End clobber I had said "est. 1881". Now it's "est.1880". When did that change and why?
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    Barky red v stoke

    Could anyone post a link showing Barky's red v stoke please? I've searched but can't find it. Explaining to a mate how city's keeper could easily have walked tonight
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    Inappropriate language

    Does anyone else feel a bit patronised when commentators apologise for "inappropriate language " in a football game? Usually it's a "fucks sake" etc from a grown man, frustrated about a mistake he or teammate made whilst playing a game with other grown men. Apologies are unnecessary
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    The gaffer or the players?

    Interesting to see the split between those who put the blame for our bad performances on Alex Neil, and those who think he's not got the quality to work with. So, if you could choose between the following 2 options, which would you choose? 1. Appoint the manager of your choice but keep these...
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    The Secret Diary of Jayden Stockley Aged 27 1/4

    I've watched more than enough football in my time to have a sound understanding of the game
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    John Beck's super white army

    28 years yesterday since the great man took over at Deepdale. Whatever you think/thought of his style of football, it can't be denied he kicked North End into life.
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    Unpopular opinion

    Riis is nowhere near good enough. Stockley is a much better target man
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    I've only just seen this section of the forum recently. So I thought I'd post on here as I don't know anyone so I find it easier to say how I'm feeling. The thread title OYNB. One year no beer. It's a challenge I'm setting myself from January. I find myself turning to the ale most nights...
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    Choo choo choo / 2 2 2

    What did you sing for Grezza? Debate to be settled here. TIA
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    Stop that .....from giving the other a piggyback over the wall

    When I first went on the old Town End in the 90's I can remember a song with this line in it (or it certainly sounded like it). Anyone remember the chant? What were the words?
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    Duckenfield not guilty

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    Until Gally I was never happy....

    .... I needed so much more. When he gets the ball I'm certain that we will score. Free kick or pen. We'll score again . Sent to me from heaven. Paul Gallagher, you're my world
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    City Support last night

    Obviously away fans are always louder than home fans, but does anyone else think City were quiet considering their numbers?
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    Would you rather......

    3 points v Birmingham and lose to city Or 0 points v Birmingham and beat city
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    Graham Alexander

    How did his chant go?
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    Sing a song for Pearo ....

    We will never let you go. You will always be. At the North End with me