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  1. Cliff Richard

    Matthew Olosunde Signs (Confirmed)

    Get in Matty lad
  2. Cliff Richard

    New season pies - any update?

    Okay so new signings are important but what about the pie situation? What’s happening?
  3. Cliff Richard

    Your 1st ever Gig.

    Tears for Fears Guild hall 1985. Few underage pints in the Lamb beforehand
  4. Cliff Richard

    Villareal v Man Utd

    2 teams that played like they didn’t want to win. De gea finally thought £uck this I want a beer and the rest is history.....
  5. Cliff Richard

    Eurovision 2021

    Forgot to say the best thing about Eurovision is that it reminds me why we go out Saturday night... ...🤭. actually it was ok I suppose
  6. Cliff Richard

    Eurovision 2021

    Italy won but my oh my they liked very silly. Hope they can buy some proper clothes now.
  7. Cliff Richard

    Ray burns

    What happened to ray burns? I miss his posts. He always signed off “ray burns” even though it was obvious he’d posted in the first place?
  8. Cliff Richard

    Gods of snooker bbc one

    What a great 3 part series. It’s on iPlayer now. Covers the characters of the 80s involved in snooker. At the time I didn’t really appreciate the mix of skill and characters. But now in hindsight what an amazing set of people they were. Davies, Higgins, white, knowles, Kirk stevens.. even a...
  9. Cliff Richard

    Political Correctness

    Political correctness wiped out the dinosaurs. Not a bloody asteroid.
  10. Cliff Richard

    Sky Sports and BT Sports

    Can’t stand all these sports streaming sites as they run about 2-3 mins behind real time. So I’m sat there with my phone buzzing ah Pne 1-0 up and then 2 mins later I see it happen. crap.
  11. Cliff Richard

    If not Neil then who?

    Aidy Boothroyde leaving England u-21s with immediate effect...... co-incidence??
  12. Cliff Richard

    This corona virus thing...

    Had Covid in January. No cough or breathing problems but Wiped me out for 3 days. Had vaccine jab last weds afternoon. arm was really sore for 24 hours.’couldn’t lie on it in bed. Woke up at 2am having a mad shaking fit freezing cold but sweating. Took paracetamol and was bit better when I woke...
  13. Cliff Richard

    Match Day - PNE v Queens Park Rangers - 24/02/2021 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    Why are we shooting so far over the bar. Do these guys not practice shooting ? It’s diabolical
  14. Cliff Richard

    Iconic moments (mostly goals)

    Thanks guys these are as someone says spine tingling memories. Lonergsn chipping keeper at Leicester. Creswell putting us 1 up at Chelsea although the view was like a letter box keep them coming please although it’s showing us what we’re missing these last few years
  15. Cliff Richard

    Iconic moments (mostly goals)

    Scott laird opening goal v Man Utd. Dreams of upset until Rooney cheated us
  16. Cliff Richard

    Iconic moments (mostly goals)

    Gregan from half way line
  17. Cliff Richard

    Iconic moments (mostly goals)

    Just been thinking about last 20 odd years and some goals that stand out for what they meant at that moment in time. Ones that made you go proper crazy not many in last 5 years.... beckfords hatrick Wembley Beckford half way line v Swindon Garner chest and volley.v Rotherham Rankine vs...
  18. Cliff Richard

    Match Day - Plastics v Preston North End - 12/02/21 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    Sky commentator “apologies for any foul language you may just have heard” ..... me.. you’ve been saying “Blackburn “ all night mate