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  1. daddyman16

    Any Plumbers on here?

    I have had two dripping hot water taps. Figured it's washer related. Managed to find the water valve yesterday to stop the water to change washers, also noticed two old looking taps above the valve. They were stuck but got them working. All underneath kitchen sink. Anyway, fast forward to this...
  2. daddyman16

    Spending Money on Dead End Items This article title made me think, what's the most dead end thing I've spent money on? I guess my uni degree to an extent, it's pretty useless, but did, as an OU degree come at a discount to regular uni degrees. I also...
  3. daddyman16


    A Happy Father's Day to all the forum fathers. Also a thought for all of those fathers who lost their lives during the last year, whether Coronavirus related or not. What are your fondest memories of your dad, what are you proudest of about them and reflecting on your life, what have they...
  4. daddyman16

    Preston Palestine March and Rally

    Just a heads up for anyone wanting to either a.) Stay clear or b.) Responsibly get involved I do hope it is peaceful and that people act with consideration for everyone else.
  5. daddyman16

    Good News

    A thread for good news, it could be something good that has happened to you or something good in the news. Let's kick off with Sol Bamba's good news...
  6. daddyman16

    Check This Out...

    What a masterpiece... I don't believe this was all done with one Biro though. As a left-hander, I would have got in such a mess attempting this. Does anyone else have any cool photos or pieces of art they've seen lately?
  7. daddyman16

    Belgian Farmer Accidently Moo-ves French Border Would anyone noticed if we moved Hadrian's Wall brick by brick a hundred or more miles south?
  8. daddyman16

    "Most Unique Home in Preston" Who lived in a house like this I wonder, it probably sounds lame but I am quite curious to know if it was a footballer or some other celebrity.
  9. daddyman16

    Deepdale Stadium Fire Engine

    There was a fire engine outside the stadium today between 3-4pm. Not sure why, but if it's the same one I think it was, it had its sirens on from the fire station to the stadium. Toaster job perhaps?
  10. daddyman16

    Anybody on PS4 online for FIFA/GTA?

    Lonely online male 20 something seeking fellow lonely online whatever year old whatevers for online matches on FIFA 21 or GTA online on the PS4. Anybody interested my username is aaaz1618. I tend to go online after 8pm. I bought a month's subscription on PlayStation Store specifically to play...
  11. daddyman16

    National League North & South Season Ended

    I guess Chorley will be okay if their money from the cup run helps, but for many other clubs what will happen now? I read at least one team refused to play a match against AFC Fylde because it just didn't make sense financially to travel several miles if the season came to nothing. Also the...
  12. daddyman16

    Miley Tunnel

    Has anyone ever been down Miley Tunnel, is it still accessible, and if so, is it worth visiting to do a bit of filming for my YouTube channel? Thanks in advance!
  13. daddyman16

    My YouTube Channel

    Hello everyone, I hope you don't mind me posting this. I started a travel YouTube channel during the lockdown where I looked at the history of Preston's iconic buildings and parks, and since then have filmed in Blackpool, Bolton, Manchester, Lancaster and Chester. My aim is to eventually cover...
  14. daddyman16

    Accident Outside Stadium

    I witnessed a kid being knocked over by a car next to the double deckers today, as I'm sure some of you here did too. Accidental and hopefully not serious, but still very traumatic to witness, especially as I am a father of two young ones myself. Today's result between the four stands didn't...