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    Season Tickets (Confirmed Details pg5. Post 100)

    Save that they have to get there, may sensibly not fancy front of ATKE assuming middle aged.Or the price of STFS Who knows, me included, but while delighted to see others see football at Deepdale and recognise I can't as vax annaphalatic x Pfizer and then just allergic AZ , I tried and...
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    Covid 19 - counter arguments

    Feel free to enjoy. Ideally just stop pretending you are doing anything useful. Better still if you have a brain engage it before passing on random tweets etc
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    Match Day - England v Italy. 11/07/2021 - KO 20:00 - Wembley - Uefa 2020 - FINAL

    Tbf cause chaos and infection but they are hardly unusual or doing worse than the average footie bloke I came ax back in the day. Indeed as seemingly fighting each other a lot easier to co exist with This is out of character weird. Are we back to girls wearing mini skirts or hot pants asking...
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    Covid 19 - counter arguments

    As the admittedly rare type who is medically unable to be vaccinated, thank you. I am also working, could theoretically drive and even afford to park . Just no where to achieve that in the deepest south east. Cant afford not to work Is in truth quite frightening. And I am not a lockdown...
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    Or may prefer to donate.
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    Virtual Gentry Day

    While I get the out of box, vaguely hoping next season may allow crowds. Next year ,sometime less shite. Selfishly tbh as someone who has lost and survived covid, early days, virtual gentry day this season would be brilliant. More selfishly still would choose v rovers , but that's just my...
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    Chorley v Wolves

    Also done themselves proud players and staff
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    Chorley v Wolves

    Not brave enough to post footie stuff on main forum but hell yes , also biased , born in the brig lived brindle . Still reckon Chorley FC playing a blinder esp tactically in context.
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    Strangely so it seems, seriously, yep eg your zoe and tbf my age and fm the brig always more a rovers thing Good to hear fm you ( and I will admit to Bolton Girls, and then Oxford before landing down here in tier4 ). Iiwis , but you have cheered me up tq Tomorrow... let's hope
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    Where can I get somebody to chat to?

    Weirdest 1st post ever and as per username a way a ways fm Preston. like just outside London, but 61, Preston born and bred with long family ties to North husband died with covid early March, I survived it and managed an awfully socially distanced effort at a crem 1 April ! Not...