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  1. twickerspne

    Wycombe to replace Derby?
  2. twickerspne

    Barnsley and the FT article

    You’ll need a subscription to read it, Talks about Barnsley’s recruitment policy. Intend not to sign anyone over 24 years old. They very rarely take on loan players as they find it disruptive. talks about the ‘gegenpress’ and how...
  3. twickerspne

    Who will be relegated from Championship next season?

    I would not want to go through what Wednesday/Derby/Rotherham fans had to endure today - but who do we think will be relegation candidates next year? I always think a team that’s had a poor last quarter of the season is likely relegation fodder start of next - which points to Huddersfield...
  4. twickerspne

    Attacking Set pieces - Ledson

    One of the disappointing elements of Neil’s reign was the woeful unimaginative set pieces, - . I wish Ledson was taken off these ‘floated’ corners and free kicks. They are thoroughly ineffective - and look to be continuing
  5. twickerspne

    Referee watch

    Seems this referee has bad form
  6. twickerspne

    Referee thread

    Decent performance from Darren England tonight I thought. Let the game flow. Streets ahead of other over officiating we have had in recent games.
  7. twickerspne

    Get Appleton before Bristol City do
  8. twickerspne

    Barkhuisen and Potts

    These 2 need moved on / I am thinking of too many incidents where flat footed performances have cost us invaluable points. And they’re not delivering on the basics expected of them anymore
  9. twickerspne

    Squeaky bum time - or Alex Neil’s Waterloo

    Lose to Blackburn on Friday night, and conceivable results on Saturday which include Birmingham, Derby and Huddersfield winning at home, and we are looking at being only 5 points above relegation , with a 6 game form streak that is the envy of nobody. If Hemmings and Ridsdale ever needed a wake...
  10. twickerspne

    FA Cup run

    I hope AN takes this years FA cup a little bit more seriously. I think a good cup run might lift spirits - and finances. The thought of Ripley back in goal at Wycombe would be a statement of disregard....not written expecting much change from previous years
  11. twickerspne

    Andy Madley. Referee

    Besides thinking he always performs well as a referee, and thinking North End raise their game when he officiates (thinking of the Wembley playoff) , our record with him is pretty impressive, especially at home.
  12. twickerspne

    Stockley Riis

    Memo to AN. At Deepdale these 2 need to be your starting forward formation...?
  13. twickerspne

    Is ‘groin strain’ a euphemism for not signing a new contract?

    Are the ‘groin strain’ injuries genuine? Perhaps. But if not, is there a reluctance in North End to allow these under contract discussion players virtually zero playing time as seems the case. If they’re earning a wage ..... use them.
  14. twickerspne

    Our new manager is currently managing the top team in Div1

    Michael Appleton. .... AN is not even picking a side that is playing to its strengths . Nor am I convinced his history of player purchases stands up too well. Appleton seems to have an uncanny knack of delivering excellent team performances in his managerial career than even AN will do. Time...
  15. twickerspne

    Supposed ‘premiership’ referees- and where is he from?

    I thought referees were meant to come from neutral areas. If this is to be believed somethings wrong
  16. twickerspne

    North end and corners

    Why is it we always look like conceding defending corners? If it’s called zonal marking - we are not getting it close to being right
  17. twickerspne

    Rod Liddle compliment - Sunday Times

    it's been posted before comparing North End's predicament compared to Bolton's. Piece today in Sunday Times -'Striking players, money woes + furious fans - will Bolton's turmoil ever end'... quite a read. But nice compliment towards end ... 'they should cast their eyes 20 odd or so miles...
  18. twickerspne

    just realised why we play away in green and yellow - long may it continue mind you - not sure I would want us to adopt the quarters!
  19. twickerspne

    Lukas Nmecha enigma

    I want Lukas do to well, but there are some things I find baffling in his short period as a substitute today. the good points at the game today. (1) the excellent strike on goal which led to Potts last goal (2) very effective in holding up the ball near the corner flag near the final whistle to...
  20. twickerspne

    prophetic thread So poor player signings in a club where he had a higher budget(?) His closing out Championship record wasn’t too fancy either. May as well imagine Villa have got a 2 goal start and see what happens!