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  1. pnewortham

    Virgins in Space

    Branson's flying into space at 3.30pm today. It's being live-streamed here
  2. pnewortham

    Shut Your Mouth

    ...and lose weight.
  3. pnewortham

    8pm Tonight

    Don't forget - Monty will be focussing on dahlias and tender vegetables in tonight's gardeners' world. Make sure you tune in.
  4. pnewortham

    Who Shops in Preston?

    Live in Penwortham but haven't been to Preston (up Fishergate etc) since before lockdown. I've re-trained myself to shop either online, at local shops, or at Deepdale / Capital Centre. Am I the only one?
  5. pnewortham

    Solar Eclipse Today

    Happening around 11.15 this morning, but only be a partial eclipse. Don't look into the sun though. ☀️
  6. pnewortham

    Gas or Charcoal BBQ?

    I've always gone for charcoal, you can't beat the ritual of it, and the caveman in me loves cooking over fire. But I'm starting to waver. Can I still get good flavour with gas, and is it really any easier to keep the thing clean?
  7. pnewortham

    Lilibet Diana

    Firstly, congratulations to H&M. Secondly, can't help thinking it's a bit of an odd move going with that name. Wonder if the Queen knew anything about it.
  8. pnewortham

    Expiry Dates

    Last week we threw out a little jar of Olbas Oil, expiry date 2009. And a few weeks ago we found a tub of that red squirty sauce for ice cream, expiry date 2005.
  9. pnewortham

    Changing Screen on iPhone

    Changed the screen on an iPhone 8 last night (wife had dropped it in a bucket of tea months ago). Wow what a job. It's like micro-open-heart-surgery. Bought the screen off eBay for £17 and the miniature toolkit for £2. Disconnected all the tiny screws (I removed 23 of them, each one is no...
  10. pnewortham

    Oxbow Lakes

    Very shortly, @paddysr will be uploading a hand-drawn diagram of an Oxbow lake. From the homework I set him this morning. But who else remembers them from school? And why is it about the only thing I can remember from Geography lessons...
  11. pnewortham

    Rum & Coke

    Morgan's Spiced & coke, clearly a king of drinks. Currently got a bottle of Dead Man's Fingers, very good. Went fancy tonight with ice, ginger ale and chunks of fresh pineapple. So, rum. How do you drink yours?
  12. pnewortham

    Chippy Tea: How Do You Eat Yours?

    Gravy? Weirdo. Curry or nowt.
  13. pnewortham

    Unread Threads (bold blue)

    Slightly geeky question about how this software decides on read/unread threads. On the main page some threads are in bold blue, which means there's new/unread messages in there. Once the thread has been read, it goes back to pale blue. Simple enough. But some threads have always been pale...
  14. pnewortham

    Next 2 Friendlies (Sheff U & Everton)

    Back to back games this Friday & Saturday. Both away. This will stretch the squad? What's the plan - completely separate teams or risk players 2 days in a row? 1 week before the first league game.
  15. pnewortham

    The Striker Dilemma

    We seem to have a rather alarming record of 'blunting' the strikers who come here. The main reason is obvious enough (big step-up from the lower leagues, etc.) It's so frustrating that we've been successful in identifying or developing little gems in other positions, but just not at the top...