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  1. twickerspne

    Early summer transfer gossip

  2. twickerspne

    Harrop future at PNE address by Frankie

    Agree. There were some very odd contract extensions around then.
  3. twickerspne

    Early summer transfer gossip

    How come the EFL have eased Derby’s transfer embargo after all the shenanigans?
  4. twickerspne

    Match Day - Bolton v PNE - 20/07/21 - KO:19:00 - Friendly

    good observation . Goals from open play in 2 games are….?
  5. twickerspne

    New Away Kit (Confirmed)

    Will the Italian’s ban green in their flag too? ……… I doubt it
  6. twickerspne

    Early summer transfer gossip

    Another one that got away round then was Tony Morley
  7. twickerspne

    New Away Kit (Confirmed)

    Point well made . We play well in green. I like it - it’s bold and straightforward - the sleeves on the home kit are over designed . I never liked black/grey or yellow away shirts - particularly when playing away under floodlights—-
  8. twickerspne

    Transfer Window Overview - Summer 2021

    Jury’s out on Barky and Storey for me. Not sure if the new manager will instil some lost confidence in the former- but …. As for Storey there are glimpses of improvement with more maturity around him, but the lapses are often match defining
  9. twickerspne

    Early summer transfer gossip

    I’m worried about where Juergen got those teeth..,,
  10. twickerspne

    Wycombe to replace Derby?
  11. twickerspne

    Championship Fixtures for 2021-2022 season

    I hate starting with home games and finishing with away ones. We never seem to win at home whoever we play on that first fixture.
  12. twickerspne

    Alex Neil 1/1 SkyBet West Brom Manager

    If Barnsleylose their manager-they’ll go for Alex Neill? Former player et al-
  13. twickerspne

    Early summer transfer gossip

    Couldn’t we offer a double deal to reduce the wage bill? 2 for the price of 1?
  14. twickerspne

    Early summer transfer gossip

    And therein lies part of the problem - hard not to convince yourself you can do it again. A previous post on here is dead on the money - Baueris an unknown quantity after his injury, storey is like a rabbit in headlights on occasion , and Huntington is past being a championship player - some...
  15. twickerspne

    Early summer transfer gossip

    Why are we even thinking Earl is championship standard? Alarming ….. should be moved on
  16. twickerspne

    Get Your Kit Off?

    Don’t get me started on this..... the hierarchy at North End commercial nouse I could put on a pin head . Cheap tat with a North end logo on it. Cotton of v dubious quality it’s like cardboard once washed. Etc etc..., If you wouldn’t wear it - don’t try to sell it.... they should raise the...
  17. twickerspne

    Early summer transfer gossip

    Ripley to Sutton?
  18. twickerspne

    It’s official - well sort of!

    1961 - year I was born. You’ll all be wishing something....
  19. twickerspne

    Early summer transfer gossip

    I hope Hemmings has realised that spending that bit extra on a GK is a position worth the extra price. GK do not tend to have career threatening injuries, and Iversen has improved the defenders around him considerably. A high transfer for a player of this age in this position is unlikely to...