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    Demolition men in

    Knocking down old offices and club shop this afternoon. Remember going in old Supporters Club when Alf Dodds was steward. Bloody hell, l feel old👴
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    Urgent appeal from Association of British Charity Shops.

    The ABCS would like people to please refrain from donating Manchester United shirts, scarves and duvet covers as they have way too many and nobody is buying them any more. Apparently they also fade rapidly. Probably an old joke but it made me laugh.
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    PNE fan seriously ill

    For those of a certain age, my brother in law and lifelong North Ender Steve Nixon is currently critically ill and fighting for his life in the Critical Care Unit at RPH. Steve (63) grew up in the Lovat Road area and followed PNE all over on the now (in)famous Mercer's coaches. I'm sure many of...
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    Potential Winter Window targets

    Somebody has to start it. Over to you.