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    Eleven Years Ago This Month...

    Blackpool were promoted to the Premier League. What a fantastic achievement.
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    Cheer Up, Nobbers...

    You won't need to squeeze into those bridesmaid's frocks for the play-offs.
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    The Forum Behaviour Statement.

    Does this mean you all have to be nice to me?
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    Happy Birthday, Nobber...

    You old fart. :cool:
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    Good Luck On Sunday.

    I hope you win. :eek:
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    Postman Pat Is 49.

    Happy Birthday Mr Daniels. Pity you won't be going to Wembley. :youl:
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    Happy Birthday, Shabbadabado.

    Even though you once banned me, many happy returns. Bastard.:cool:
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    Happy Birthday, Mr Outreacher

    Twat. :cool:
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    Happy Birthday, Nobber.

    The Victor Meldrew of PNEOnline.:cool:
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    If Posters We're Politicians...

    Who would they be? Raefil : Michael Foot Nobber: Shirley Williams Winkytinky: Glenda Jackson Edgy: Jacob Rees Mogg Sussexrob: Enoch Powell Any more?
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    Blackpool v Exeter City. Lasher Attendance Prediction Figure.

    6,250. A very conservative figure.
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    Happy Birthday, Kathryn.

    The Headmistress of NobbersOnline. Go easy on the Pol Roger.
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    Good Evening, Scummers...

    It would appear that my 4th 'lifetime ban' has been lifted. Anyone know why?
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    Happy Birthday, Kathryn.

    Many happy returns to the second lady of the forum. I'd get you a couple of pies tomorrow as a treat, but I suppose you must be watching your figure. :gentry:
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    That Disgraceful Pitch Invasion.

    Have you incurred the wrath of the FA yet? Someone appears to be dragging their heels.
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    Happy Birthday Dirky

    See, I'm not one to bear a grudge, you old fart.:)
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    Capital One Cup (1st Round) DVD.

    I expect it will be a best seller in your club shop. :o
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    I suppose it would be very remiss of me not to give you lot the opportunity to offer your condolences. Keep it civil or I'll release the horses.
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    PNE v Blackpool, I'm Worried...

    My ticket is devoid of a barcode. How does one get into your ground?
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    Happy Birthday, Bunter.

    Cream buns and pies for breakfast? :gentry: