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  1. 222Mark

    TV Series/Netflix/Box Sets

    Anybody watched the series Slasher on Netflix? i don't know whether to give it a go or not.
  2. 222Mark

    Prediction League - Millwall v PNE - 23/02/2019 - Championship

    Millwall 0-0 PNE 10987
  3. 222Mark

    The Walking Dead Thread.

    I'm enjoying the new direction its taking, makes a refreshing change having some new characters, it's great seeing Samantha Morton as the leader of the Alphas, although she doesn't quite look like she did when she was pole dancing in Band of Gold years ago.
  4. 222Mark

    Prediction League - PNE v Notts Forest - 16/02/19 - Championship

    PNE 0-1 Forest Grabban 11395
  5. 222Mark

    Should she be allowed back?

    Maybe she got on the wrong bus? Easy mistake to make.
  6. 222Mark

    Should she be allowed back?

    It's a No for me on this one, listening to her interview I don't believe we can trust her or who she may be working with.
  7. 222Mark

    Prediction League - PNE v Norwich - 13/02/19 - Championship

    PNE 0-2 Norwich O/G 13599
  8. 222Mark

    What the hell happened?

    Meh, alter ego?
  9. 222Mark

    Murder in Ribbleton

    What a tragic waste of life, wasted lives and shattered family's... R.I.P Rosie.
  10. 222Mark

    Prediction League - Bolton v PNE - 09/02/2019 - Championship

    Bolton 1-1 PNE 15995 Stockley
  11. 222Mark

    The Walking Dead Thread.

    I bloody hope we haven't JD!
  12. 222Mark

    Morrison’s in Brig

    Yeah the chippy has always been a belter, not been for ages since i moved up to the Clayton Riviera.
  13. 222Mark

    Morrison’s in Brig

    How far up Mounsey Road?,my best mate lived up near the green at the top end.
  14. 222Mark

    David Aspden missing.

    North End fan, forum member and local youth football coach David has been missing since 9th July. Many of you may recognise him. If you see him or know of his whereabouts, inform the police immediately. Taken from Lancs Police website. MISSING: We are growing increasingly concerned for a male...
  15. 222Mark

    FABB Sofas closes within months of opening at the Capitol Centre. unbelievable times on the UK high street at the moment.
  16. 222Mark

    New Hall Lane petrol station.

    It got a little bit toasty warm on there today.
  17. 222Mark

    Lets get swinging. Club Entice is advertising its grand opening this weekend. ​The new venue is situated in Aqueduct Street ​and has a new website proudly showing off its facilities. But now it appears the venue has not yet got full...
  18. 222Mark

    Driving down Fishergate ???

    Right then, so lets get this straight, you can drive down Fishergate until you get to the corner were Thomas Cook is and then you have to turn left onto Winckley Square or face a £60 fine or you can carry on down to the bit with the urinal in the middle of the road outside Debenhams then turn...
  19. 222Mark

    Happy birthday raefil

    Happy birthday old bean, hope your having a cracking day :gentry: