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    Match Day Thread - Millwall v PNE - 23/02/2019 - KO15:00 - Championship

    Have a feeling we may find this one much more difficult than the last 3 always, we played well in all of them but in truth the opposition were piss poor on each occasion, think this will be a tougher game and probably end up a draw , of course a ground out 1-2 win would be nice though
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    Brentford away...

    A shame as it’s a great away trip, as per train travel on its arse again , have pre booked hotel for two nights just in case were in with a sniff on the last day, although still think unlikely, and I really cant be arsed driving down , is this last time we will play there before they move ?
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    Match Day Thread - PNE v Nottingham Forest - 16/02/19 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Millwall play away at derby weds night, so hopefully a tired Millwall while we will have had a clear week to recover
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    You have to feel sorry for Forest fans

    Probably explains less than 2k bothering to watch it, piss poor away support that for a sat 3pm ko two hours away when they regularly get 27k at home
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    Lukas Nmecha enigma

    Came off the bench at forest to set up the winning goal, more of the same would be nice today, it’s not gone as well as either he or us hoped. But he was thrown in too early when we were really struggling with so many players out, I would certainly have him for another season but doubt he or...
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    Match Day Thread - PNE v Nottingham Forest - 16/02/19 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    I noticed this yesterday, gunna hammer us apparently, hopefully come 5pm they will be crying wondering how a team like Preston has shithoused them again !
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    Match Day Thread - PNE v Nottingham Forest - 16/02/19 - KO:15:00 - Championship

    Your right to expect a more physical game, forest have the worse disciplinary record in the league, 79 yellows 5 red cards, could be a tasty affair, seen a few mention the pitch but both teams weds night played some lovely stuff at times so not concerned with it, just hope this isn’t one game...
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    Are we better then we were 12 months ago?

    This current squad available earlier in the season and we would be top 6 , there’s nobody I fear in this league , injuries crippled us let’s hope for better luck on that front next season
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    Brad Potts.

    First time in a while we’ve bought a player ready made for the championship rather than someone from the lower leagues who need to find their feet with us, missed a sittter to be fair but the bar is probably still shaking from that venomous strike
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    NORRITCH. They need bringing down a peg or 2.

    Yes all midweek league games are on
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    Our Biggest Rivalry

    Blackpool for me, first derby day was at gloomfield when a certain mr Ellis bagged a hatrick in a 2-3 win, think trev Sinclair scored for scum , think I was about 15 at the time , in more recent years it was Burnley , had some great games with them before their prem days while hardly playing...
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    Emiliano Sala (New Cardiff striker)

    Confirmed as sala the body found in the plane
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    Bolton Tickets - Sold Out!

    30 quid cap on away tickets in the prem for the next 3 seasons at least, surely it’s time for the championship to look at capping them also
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    Match Day Thread - PNE v Frank Lampard's Derby County - 01/02/19 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    No further action against krul, it was a weak attempt for an headbutt but usually the motion of attempting one is enough for a ban, seems to have got away with it .
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    Been our Achilles heel for a few seasons now at Deepdale, not being able to break teams down who sit back like derby did in the 2nd half , we’ll probably win more games away between now and may , times like Friday night we really miss that bit of magic from a McGeady type to open a stubborn team up
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    Calum Woods Transfer to Bradford (Confirmed)

    Was out of the Bradford squad today injured
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    Davies & Storey

    Very little to do tonight but another assured display from both, Davies will be in the prem soon enough, I would give them both a ten year contract if we could !!
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    Match Day Thread - PNE v Frank Lampard's Derby County - 01/02/19 - KO:19:45 - Championship

    Can’t be too disappointed tonight, very little to do at the back but for two long range punts looked comfortable, bossed midfield although thought Browne and Gallagher have had better games, just wouldn’t drop kindly in the box amongst the sea of blue shirts, maybe we expect too much at times...
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    Darren Ferguson back stealing a living , Peterborough manager again till end of the season
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    video all over social media of Millwall and Everton fans fighting before the cup game, in which an Everton fan was slashed across the face with a knife , quite possibly a pre arranged fight but slashing someone with a knife at the footy ? Absolute Neanderthals