🎶Riis is the word.🎶


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What a difference to our side this lad has been so far.

He gets us ten yards further up the pitch.

Won us a penalty and a red card in his two starts.

Brings others into play, looks dangerous and turns players who have no idea how to handle him.

How he didn't score today ill never know.

Yes its early days but not been this impressed with a new signing for a long time.


Muscular, holds the ball well, good distribution and pacy. Hopefully he’ll get his first goal, lots will follow. His game today deserved a goal. And hats off to Browne who goes from strength to strength. Huddersfield commentator “Preston aren’t the team they were last season” cheers for that pal😂😂😂😂


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We have the best CM in the league for me in terms of wealth of options. Some other contenders obv but there’s just so much quality in there.

Mancunian White

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Different role but same position. Great to have options, honestly. Ledson's really stepped up.
Only the same position in the same way that DJ and Pearson play the same position.

Pearson is a pure 6 under Neil. Ledson can't be a sitting midfielder, he's an 8. Whenever he's asked to play Pearson's role he's been poor imo.

Don't mess with the system that works. Next week, it's either Browne sitting with Ledson and DJ, or Pearson sitting with Ledson and Browne based on today's performance.

Lee Trundle

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Thought he looked skinny when he was about to come on for his debut, but he’s quite well built in the lower body. Helps him out a lot because he is very agile for such a tall man.

Love how unselfish he is, always looking to bring a team mate into play. When you have proven goalscorers like Sinclair, DJ and Barky in the side I think he will provide lots of assists this season


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Riis is worth 5m. Has speed, good ball control, is physical, good mobility, good vision and though he hasn't scored yet looks like he's got goals in him.