2020/21 Kit


This might sound a bit trivial, but cant help noticing that a lot of teams are bringing out their new kits for next season.
Some are the bigger clubs, other's not so - Swindon, Accrington ,Morecambe,, Fleetwood etc

Not a great lover of this annual event, but cant help think North End have missed a trick yet again.

Surely at a time when a club should be doing all it can to plug holes in it's finances , yet again we are slow off the mark

Every year we appear to be one of the last with the great unveil - this year especially it seems we've missed an opportunity again, or am I missing something ?


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I think that come the end of the season with absolutely no sign of fans returning to grounds we will have much bigger things to worry about
There’s been not one cent going into the coffers since lockdown and that won’t be rectified any time soon

The Splash

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Home: White Shirt, Blue Shorts, Hooped socks
Away: Blue Shirt , White Shorts, Hooped socks
Third: All Yellow, Yellow/Blue Hooped Socks
Kit Supplier: Adidas Three stripes, Puma 1 Thick Stripe, Under Armour or New Balance , plain , NO NIKE!
Quite agree up to the “Kit Supplier” bit. Bin em off and find a local company. OMG I’m officially an “old un”!