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4th Round

Wrexham have been superb. Amazing what can happen if you give it a go....

We were like that. Fantastic

Until bloated football extortionate wages fucked everything over. There’s no incentive and passion anymore from any one of them and they're stealing a wage. Seriously considering packing in.

I’ll always be looking for results but Spurs was something of a personal watershed moment.
94th minute winner for Sheff Utd against Wrexham, Burnley heading for extra time, hopefully a few tired legs for them at the weekend
3-1 now, shame for Wrexham who missed a penlty at 1-1. Two absolutely fabulous games through, If they go up I think they'll storm through League 2.
Why were Sheff utd fans celebrating so much?, i would be fuming if North End got taken down to the 93rd minute against a national league side.
Am I the only one glad to see Wrexham gone? The Ryan Reynolds love in and whole circus around that club at the moment makes me feel ill. Billy Sharpe got it bang on in his post match comments.

Plus they are Welsh obviously.