Alan Browne contract renewed for 3½ years (confirmed)


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What’s our first-choice central midfield three gonna be next season presuming DJ and Pearo don’t sign?

Browne in the 10, Ledson and Whiteman behind?

We’re obviously gonna chop and change and bring in the likes of Potts during the season as well.

Jack Daniels

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Lee Trundle

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Wouldve been ecstatic about this 2 years ago, just hasnt quite been able to maintain the form he showed initially under AN for the last 2 years.

Hopefully he can return to previous form in the 10, but if he carries on the form he has shown almost all of this season and last, this could be a huge overpayment on our behalf
Not bad news. He’s a hard worker and deserves a contract. It’s cynical, but I can’t imagine he had the tempting offers others will have been lured by.

If we’re honest he is probably the least good of all the out of contract options. Statistically good for a midfielder in terms of goals though.

Bizarrely I think he’d actually make a decent striker, which is one of the only positions he’s not tried. Probably with good reason that is beyond my understanding.

Mahogany Rush

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Well done to the hierarchy for this, he needs to get back to his best or his position could be threatened. Maybe with his contract now sorted, he can now kick on again.

Henrys Cat

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Once the Whiteman deal is announced, I suspect a bit of resentment may start to build towards the the other 3 wantaways. Only just over a couple of weeks of the window to go and it strikes me that very few clubs have money to throw about. With Browne’s future now secure, a bit of pressure now builds on the others.


Great news. Looking at the transfers in all leagues there is not much money about. Some clubs will be envious of the signings we’ve done. Well done to all concerned. Will keep my fingers crossed for Patrick Roberts and a experienced Centre back loan signing.