Alan Browne contract renewed for 3½ years (confirmed)


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Once the Whiteman deal is announced, I suspect a bit of resentment may start to build towards the the other 3 wantaways. Only just over a couple of weeks of the window to go and it strikes me that very few clubs have money to throw about. With Browne’s future now secure, a bit of pressure now builds on the others.

If nothing happens about contracts with those 3 their commitment to the club and to games will be called into question as the season goes on.

They certainly won’t want to get long term injured when they haven’t got another contract running on.

And as you say the fans ( not that we will be there to comment) will not accept anything less than 100% effort.


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Thanks for your loyalty Alan.
Well done PNE.
i like your sentiment but if unremitting loyalty was involved this would have been sorted ages ago as allegedly these much improved contract(s) have been on the table for him and the others for a while.
Its a good deal for him and for us though, never hides and always tries 100% he's a good captain so along with everyone else, i'm well chuffed.


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Great news !! Sometimes I think we undervalue what we have, nobody's on it all the time Brownes up there with the best at our level!

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Well done Alan, you're a star. A 100 percenter, you leave nothing in the tank when you're on the pitch.

Thanks for showing faith in the club and I really hope they repay your faith.


If Davies signed too, I'd be very happy with the situation, considering what we all feared before the window opened. Some good signings (Whiteman pending), one poor signing, one quality player leaving (Pearo) and one okay player leaving (DJ, based on this season). Remove Evans from the equation and I'd be even happier.

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Very, very pleased with this. The kid is growing with us, a born winner and a lad growing into the captaincy. When Gally limped off at Wembley, I was reassured that Alan was coming on, even though he was a relative youngster.

Huge influence from the gaffer as well, he has played this very well. If others then don't want to be here then that is their decision and we thank them for their efforts.


Great stuff this , yes his form has been patchy but a player with his appearances and goals record at this level would cost at least 3mill

When you look at the likes of derby not paying wages etc , coupled with us making a few good signings perhaps at least one more of the ooc players might think again and decide to stay


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A player who loves the club and we adore him! Scorer of many an important goal. Very adaptable at right back too. Very happy! Congrats Alan