Anxiety and Mental Health


Generally, you get the first hour free with a private councillor. You may have to try several before you get the one you feel comfortable with (as monster says, therapeutic alliance). The down side is, telling your story from the start each time. That can be real difficult when you’re very low.

Medication is good for giving you a boost up, but it is almost essential to talk to someone to try and discover the root cause of the problems and talk your way through them.

From my experiences, the mental health team are a complete and utter waste of time. They need billions of pounds investing in them to become a proper service.


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I had support from the mental health team and in a crisis they were a helpful short term solution, but really much of what they did for me was to signpost me to other services.

Later I paid for time with a private councillor, I must've been lucky that the first person I saw, I clicked with (therapeutic alliance) and whilst it was a fucking ordeal at times and really quite painful, ultimately I am completely sure that it saved my life. I'd recommend it to anybody.


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Can anyone point in the direction of private councillors / services of PM please… dependant on what is allowed on the open forum