Armed police at Ingol.


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I suppose somebody gardening and using a pitchfork on Dovedale would represent suspicious activity. Well especially that bit of Dovedale.


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Sounds like he might have mentally snapped due to some local sewer rats.
Sounds like if they had done their job in the first place non of this would have happened and now he is gonna be stuck with a criminal record


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Sounds like he might have mentally snapped due to some local sewer rats.
You see, that's typical of society today if true.
Plagued by some little chavy fuckwits who seem to think they can terrorise anyone, anywhere they like and get away with it but gets arrested for trying to protect himself.
I'm not saying walking round with swords and pitchforks is the answer btw but what are people supposed to do when in fear of their own safety?
Sounds like the police were called earlier but couldn't/didn't do anything and left before the scum returned.
This man will now get a caution/record at best. Might be prosecuted while the toe rags move on to their next victim.



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I think the biggest mistake this guy made was conducting a siege relatively brief as it was. They may be inclined to
hammer him for that.


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I had to stay in a service users flat during this palava 🙄 it's normally very quiet around there, I have to walk down Dovedale every morning. Never seen the guy in question once. I've been told he's got mental health issues.
Whats going on must be 10 police cars surrounding a black car, gun shots heard. thats all I know. oh its in Dovedale.
Absolute rubbish. Reality exaggerated by you (Ooh look at me - look what I know) except you didn't.
No gunfire according to every other report except yours.
"That's all I know" You didn't even know that, dim lad.
I see that everybody has sussed you, you've decided to have an attention seeking flounce.