AWADS Disabled Supporters Survey



AWADS (Association of Wheelchair & Ambulant Disabled Supporters) are asking for comments from Disabled supporters about segregation at away games.​
They write:​
AWADS needs your help. If you are a disabled football fan or helper who has at any time traveled to an away game we want to hear about your experience. Where did you go and what happened. Where you positioned with your own traveling fans or made to go in the home section non segregated.
If separated from your own fans then tell us what happened.. What did the home fans say or do. Did you feel comfortable in the home end away from your own fans. Where and when if you recall the dates please.
You can contact them by emailing or writing to:
2 Coopers Fold​
Langden Drive​
PR2 6 HW​
Or Telephoning: (07745) 559 359.
Alternatively, you could add your comments to this thread.​

This campaign is worthy of our support, so if you have any comments or experiences you wish to send to AWADS, they would appreciate any assistance.​


Youth Team
Playoff final Cardiff

Playoff final Cardiff

I took my Dad who is in a wheel chair and to be honest it was the best seat in the house.
The stewards where fantastic.
We arrived at the metal crash barriers just outside the ground and they where going to search all the bags but as my dads could have been medical they are not allowed to so all my booze was not spotted.When they claped eyes on the disabled seating ticket the well oiled machine took over.
We where escourted to our seats and the viewing and facilities where excellant can't fault anything.


Re: AWADS Disabled Supporters Survey

I too found the facilities at Cardiff exellent but its a pity many of the league grounds cannot follow the example Cardiff is new and built for todays fans in mind, However many of the League grounds are older, That does not stop them from thinking a bit harder and understanding the needs of the disabled travelling fan to be able to enjoy the game along side the fans that they sit along side of at home, It has to be said that there are many clubs who have excellent facilities in the league, but there are still too many who do not,and these are the ones we need to know about, So if you DO know of any that do not facilitate the disabled travelling fan then we would like to know.