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Back Bench MP Boris Johnson

If you were not so fucking stupid, same with others, you will notice that I do not offer "support" for the Tories, I give an alternative point of view to what is usually bullshit, misrepresentation, and petty bollocks that the idiots on here post.

I'll have a discussion about how shit the Tories are all day long, just as long as we start off with facts, not partisan bullshit.


He keeps telling us that he doesn’t hold ‘alternative views”. Do keep up.
🧐☻️☝️ 😂


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Got Brexit done.....

Simplistically that refers only to the fact that yes, we've left the EU.
However, the Laws which bound us to the Union haven't ALL been replaced to the satisfaction of many importers/exporters to&from the UK
The Northern Ireland / Republic cross border discussions aren't over.
Scottish etc Beef farmers are worried about USA imports ( cheaper & containing UK unapproved hormones ) undercutting prices.
Lamb producers worried about cheap stuff from Oz/NZ carrying similar repercussions.
Then again , there's the problem of at least one, maybe all three other members of the UK apart from England preferring to rejoin the EU. ( (If they could )

Brexit done " Version 2:1:-- Not Quite"


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"Hey, Gordon, give Boris a nudge, hes away with the fairies again."

God Almighty...........Just imagine if johnson got back in again................. It's actually beyond belief but the way politics is going in this Country at the moment it honestly wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. It really wouldn't



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I had to search way down the thread list to find a gibbon headline. Its worth reminding ourselves that the real reason we are in the mess we're in is founded in the gibbon spaffing his huge majority and failing to govern in any coherent way. Even the AI is finding a way of getting Steve Baker to communicate with the EU ad if they weren't all the sons of Satan. He was really a severe disappointment and has now let the free marketeers in to hang themselves in public. Well at least he did some good I guess.


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To be fair Boris does trigger me, as do the rest of the nasty, horrible, lying, greedy barstewards. I despise them more than I have despised anything or anyone in my lifetime. But that snivelling, smarmy, grinning, self satisfied arsewipe really grates my last nerve so much.
He speaks very highly of you Joan…….