Barky talks about his contract situation, form, results, Frankie.


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Really impressed with how he came across there. No shirking, open and honest and telling it how it is.

For me, reading between the lines I think he could be off on his own accord. Even if we offer an improved deal, that won't be the deciding factor. Seems to me like he's thought or is thinking long and hard about his future here.

I respect his honesty and if he does leave I wish him all the luck in the world. A goal against them lot before he leaves would be the perfect parting gift.

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I’m taking that to mean he’s off.

He talks about the bigger picture at the club, nothing is going to change with recruitment / ambition etc, he’ll fancy a go at another club (who will probably offer him more anyway).

Can’t begrudge him that and as others have said, refreshing to hear a player be as honest as that.


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The full interview.

I'm sat here in disbelief that a player has been that candid in 2021. Sensational.

Are North End underachieving?
"Yeah, results speak for themselves," he said. "We can say we are so many unbeaten and blah, blah, blah but let's be honest, we beat three League One teams in the cup and have drawn six where we could quite easily have got beat in most of them.
"At the moment we don't look like we are going to dominate a game; we have only lost four, which you might think is alright, but we've won two which isn't good enough.
"It is time to turn it around, there is no good in me or Browney, who do a lot of media duty, keep coming out and saying this when things aren't going well.
"We need to start dominating games more because if we don't, as bad as it sounds, we will be in big trouble."


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Well excuse me for being a bit sceptical but is it actually honest or is it a case of trying to get the fans onside.

He's been obviously been offered a contract, so it's either about money or it's not. If he's happy here and it's not about money then sign it, if he's not happy be honest enough to admit it is and he's winding his contract down on the hope of leaving on a free and picking up a load of cash.

Seems like there are a lot of contradictions in that interview to me.


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He sounds like a really genuine and down to Earth person that would be a nice person to be friends with, the bit about him spending a lot of time on his own and sitting with his dog stuck out. That and the bit about him losing a dog hurting more than playing badly. You don't get that sort of sentence coming from a footballer often.

Pity the piece looks like it was written down in a hurry though, looks like a transcription or something. That's just the writer in me picking holes.


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Fantastic presser.

The way I see it, ball's in his court with regards to a contract, so he's in no rush, and he feels he can say what he likes.

Good to know that it's not just the fans who are frustrated with the style of play.

Its got worrying echos of the post BD era though. Best players allowed to move on, no longer winning enough to make up for the defensive football, the rest of the team starting to get itchy feet when they've got PNE's lack of ambition staring them in the face.

Wonder if we'll do something about it this time.


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What a refreshing, frank and fully honest interview. I've always had a lot of respect for Barky and that just cements my opinion of him.

There are a few things that made me think and it seems I was right about Alex Neil.

On the downside, it does reinforce my concerns about McAvoy as well as those above him.