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Matchday Thread Barrow v PNE - 15/07/23 - KO:15:00 - Friendly

Ledson leaving his man, Brady beaten at the back post, Slater marking nobody?
Lazy and half hearted from start to finish.

Bambo could have got a challenge in or at least forced the barrow player to play the ball back up the line rather than to the edge of the box.

Potts caught in no man's land which gives Ledson the excuse to do the "Kilkenny point" into the space where he feels he would have gone had Potts been positioned better. This drags Bauer out of position to try and cover which then exposes Slater who is caught ball watching as an 18 year old full-back playing out of position is prone to do. Goal scorer comes from out wide but Brady too lazy/not quick enough to react and if he does shout to Slater that the man he should have been looking out for has snuck in behind him it's too late.
Have you moved from Toronto? I spent some time in Whitehorse in January 1986.

No, Kathryn. Some folk on 'ere reckon I live in the frozen north so I'll cultivate that for a while.

Are you aware that 'Whitehorse' is pronounced 'Wittyarse' 😉?